Standing in the year of the Tiger looking back at the year of the Ox: Jilin City to hand over the “report card” is encouraging

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In the past year, jilin city’s snow and ice industry has developed rapidly, grain production has had a good harvest, carbon fiber has realized the layout of the whole industry chain, and the “report card” has been very encouraging.In Jilin Vanke Songhua Lake Resort, Liang Jiawei from Changchun and several club partners galloped down from the top of the mountain along the ski track, attracting many snow friends’ praise with his handsome movements.An avid skier, Mr. Leung co-founded a ski club with several partners in 2010.Today, the club has 7,000 or 8,000 members, and Vanke’s Songhua Lake resort is their first choice every year.”The ski trails in the resort have opened up a lot, and the snow conditions have improved from year to year,” Mr. Leung said. “Every ski trail is very interesting and the snow quality is very good.I love it here.”The snow in Jilin city, located at 43 degrees north latitude, is not the only attraction for Liang jiawei.In the past year, Beidahu Ski Resort and Vanke Songhua Lake Resort were both awarded the national sports tourism demonstration base, songhua Lake was selected as one of the first national ski tourism holiday bases, the city’s 12 high-end ski resorts like a magnet, the attraction covers the whole country.Yan Shuai, marketing director of Beidhu Ski Resort, said: “With the arrival of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the number of visitors to the ski resort is gradually increasing, and we are full of expectations and hopes for the snow season.”Besides the snow resort, Jilin City is also constantly capturing and leading the “wind direction” of the development of snow and ice industry in Jilin Province: In November 2021, jilin City High Quality Development Experimental Zone of snow and ice Economy was officially launched, becoming the only provincial high quality development platform of snow and ice economy in China;From December 24 to 26, 2021, the 2021 High Quality Development Conference of Ice and Snow Economy and the first World Ski Vacation • Jilin Beidao Summit will be held. More than 100 heavyweight guests, experts and scholars, opinion leaders and travel agents from home and abroad in the field of ice and snow gathered in Jiangcheng to “gauge the trend” and “offer advice” for the ice and snow industry.The first phase project of Ice and snow Equipment Industrial Park in Yongji Economic Development Zone, which will be started in April 2021, has just completed the main construction, and the first ice and snow equipment industrial park in Jilin will be launched.Cao Dong, deputy director of the management Committee of Yongji Economic Development Zone, told reporters: “The construction of this project will realize the production of ice and snow sports equipment and field equipment nearby to meet the needs of such a big ice and snow industry market in Jilin Province.Now we are in the process of attracting projects. In the future, both in terms of economic benefits and social benefits, the driving effect will be relatively large.”Looking back on the past year, Jilin City explored the development system integrating snow and ice tourism with sports, science and technology, equipment manufacturing and other whole industry chains, and constantly tapped the huge potential contained in the “white economy”.Standing on the new starting line, during the period of “difference”, jilin will also around the world-class ice and snow tourist destination, to create China’s ice and snow as the lead, high quality economic development experimental zone core construction of a batch of internationally competitive ice-snow tourism scenic area, for the world winter sports events, the jilin city into a veritable “Syracuse” charm.Zhao Daming, director of Jilin City Culture, Radio and Tourism Bureau, said, “The Winter Olympics is in Beijing, the experience is in Jilin, and the excitement is in Jilin.Jilin City, as a key city in jilin Province to develop ice and snow industry, should firmly seize the historical opportunity of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and promote the high-quality development of ice and snow economy in Jilin province by relying on the unique advantage of local ice and snow resources.”Key words: Good “grain” Start greenhouse seedling cultivation on March 26, 2021, transplanting on May 5, rice on the market before the Mid-Autumn Festival — In the past year, Xueming Rice-growing family farm in Shulan city has always been one step ahead.Li Xueming, head of the farm, said this is thanks to a new mode of rice seedling breeding he created in 2021 — the “dry seeds shot live seeding technology”.Thanks to it, the planting time of rice was more than ten days earlier than that of neighboring farmers, and the yield of 127 hectares of rice increased by 100 tons and more than 300,000 yuan.Li said, “Our rice seeds don’t need to be soaked and accelerated to bud. They are treated with water-retaining agents and coating agents to become ‘bolled’ and can be directly planted in the field.It not only reduces the process of rice seedling, but also has a strong root system and strong disease resistance.”Last year, there were 2,387 new family farms in Jilin city. Family farms have developed into an appropriate scale, integrated farming and ecological recycling, and good rice and good grain have become the “red money” in farmers’ pockets.In jilin City, large-scale grain production enterprises, a year’s harvest not only means “good income”, but also means “good brand”, create a “good reputation”.In the key national agricultural industrialization leading enterprises – jilin city east f rice co., LTD., the domestic and foreign advanced processing equipment, drying equipment, and more than 500 sets of modern agricultural equipment, 2000 hectares of green rice production base and 300 hectares of escort standardization organic rice production base, production of “wasteland” brand rice is famous in the country.Niu Shuyu, deputy general manager of Jilin Dongfu Rice Industry Co., LTD., said, “We export about 30,000 tons of rice every year. The top-end type of rice can be sold at 200 yuan per kilogram, and the average price for a catty of ordinary rice is 6 to 7 yuan.Our main sales direction is to large cities, has covered Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other more than 20 cities across the country.”Store food in technology, but also store food in the ground.In 2021, jilin steadily push forward construction of high standard farmland, build “wanchang · town 13000 hectares of cropland YongJi County demonstration zone” and “changyi district birchbark factory town 07000 hectares of cropland demonstration zone”, to “long ji joint for national urban and rural integration development experimental zone” as the key construction area, continue to build “one million mu of high standard farmland ShiFanDai”.Last year, Jilin city built 450,000 mu of high-standard farmland and implemented 168,000 mu of conservation tillage, transforming the crisscrossed farmland into “rich farmland for the people”, helping more agricultural operators realize their vision of a good harvest.Cao Xi, General manager of Jilin Yitian Ecological Agriculture Science and Technology Co., LTD. : “Our base has built 100% high-standard farmland, which is the first high-standard farmland project independently implemented by the cooperative, an emerging agricultural entity in the province.When we have high-standard farmland, we have dramatically increased our yields, the productivity of our crops, by 15 percent.”Looking back at the past year, Jilin City sown 687,000 hectares of grain crops, the annual grain output reached 9 billion jin, an increase of 5.7%, the best level in recent years;Looking forward to another good harvest, Jilin will continue to grasp the “rice bag” and ensure that the grain output is over 8.5 billion kilograms, providing important support for building the grain security industrial belt in the central and western regions of the province.Gao Xiwen, director of the Planting Department of Jilin Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, told reporters, “Jilin City achieved a bumper grain harvest, thanks to strong scientific and technological support, field management measures in place, timely and effective disaster prevention and reduction, but also to earnestly implement the responsibility of the Party and the government for food security and optimize the allocation of various resources for food production.Going forward, we will continue to give higher priority to grain production, focus on improving overall grain production capacity and make new contributions to ensuring national food security.”On December 28, 2021, three days before the arrival of the New Year, the workshop of Jilin Carbon Valley Carbon Fiber Co., LTD was filled with festive atmosphere ahead of time.On that day, the carbon Valley 12# raw silk line started smoothly. The strands of high speed running raw silk on the production line will provide more raw materials and add more strength to the carbon fiber production in Jilin City.Zhang Haiou, general manager of Jilin Carbon Valley Carbon Fiber Co., LTD., told the reporters, “The line is a ‘final line’ of the 40,000 tons of carbon fiber project, breaking the ‘bottleneck’ problem of relying on imports for important equipment for carbon fiber production, and realizing the localization of the whole line.The significance of this is very significant and we are very excited.”On that day, Jilin Chemical Fiber Guoxing carbon fiber 2 # carbonization line and Tai Jie Feng 1# prepreg production line at the same time to achieve smooth start.Three production lines, for jilin city carbon fiber industry up and down a year to draw a successful end.This year, the construction of carbon fiber projects in Jilin City seems to have started the “fast forward button”.A large number of key projects such as the 40,000-ton carbon fiber filament upgrading project and the 15,000-ton carbon fiber project have been carried out at full speed. The output value of carbon fiber industry has increased by 2.7 times, constantly breaking records at the “Gillin speed”.Lu Ming, director of production department of Jilin Guoxing Carbon Fiber Co., LTD., introduced: “The construction cycle of each line of Jilin Chemical fiber project from ground breaking to production is no more than one year, and the installation time is no more than three months. We are racing against time for debugging and production.For example, in jilin Chemical Fiber’s 15,000-ton carbon fiber project, the first carbon fiber line started operation in 330 days, setting a record for the fastest installation of carbon fiber production line of the same level in China.Later, we built line 7, and it only took 96 days to run the whole line, breaking our own record.”In 2021, as a key project of Jilin Province to vigorously develop strategic emerging industries and realize overtaking on curves in carbon fiber industry, the 200,000-ton carbon fiber whole industry chain project will gradually turn from blueprint into reality.With the opening of The Beijing Stock Exchange, Jilin Carbon Valley Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. as the first listed company in Jilin City to “land on the beach” in the Beijing Stock Exchange, and with the help of the Beijing Stock Exchange, jilin Carbon Valley Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. has further seized the commanding heights of competition and put its best foot forward in the field of new materials.”At present, Jilin Carbon Valley is the largest production base of carbon fiber filament in China, especially in the area of large strands, which account for more than 90 percent of the large strands used in civil and industrial fields in the whole Chinese market,” zhang said.With the raw silk, it can drive downstream carbonization, products and composite production, and contribute to the formation of jilin City carbon fiber industrial cluster.”Looking back on the past year, jilin city’s raw silk production capacity reached 60,000 tons, and carbon silk production capacity reached 25,000 tons, ranking first in the country.The carbon fiber industry in Jilin city has been continuously upgraded from raw silk to carbonization and then to composite materials, becoming one of the three major carbon fiber industrial clusters in China, forming a good pattern of coordinated development of industrial chain.In New Year, during the period of “difference”, jilin will focus on the carbon fiber plate focus, strengthen the integration of industrial chain development, develop the new cooperation with downstream applications, to jointly promote the carbon fiber industry development in jilin area, construction of jilin chemical fiber as the main force of the carbon fiber industry park, towards billions of international carbon fiber and composite material industry base.Song Dewu, chairman of Jilin Chemical Fiber Group Co., LTD., said he believes that new materials, especially carbon fiber, will become more and more important in the future development of “one major, six pairs” and “six new industries” in Jilin Province.”We will keep pace with the rapid development of Jilin Province and make our own contribution to the strategic deployment and industrial development planning of Jilin Province.”Jilin Daily production planning: Jiang Zhongxiao author: Shang Yueyang editor: Yu Yue