Southwest Business Daily: Sichuan will consolidate and expand the achievements in poverty alleviation

2022-07-27 0 By

Report from our correspondent (reporter Zhao butterfly) reporter recently learned from relevant departments in sichuan province, in order to promote the party central committee and the State Council and the provincial government on consolidating stretch out of poverty engines results of effective connection with country revitalization policy decisions be born, in 2021, sichuan provincial bureaus of organization carried out audits and consolidate the development poverty engines results follow change of poverty alleviation and moved to support the audit follow-up,This paper reveals seven problems affecting the consolidation and expansion of poverty alleviation efforts.In order to do a solid audit rectification “the second half of the article”, the National Audit Office sorted out the results of the copy to the provincial Rural Revitalization Bureau.The Provincial Rural Development Bureau attached great importance to the problem, sorted out the problems, and formulated the “Risk Prompt List of Achievements in Consolidating and expanding Poverty alleviation in Sichuan Province”.The list has been recently issued by the provincial Rural Revitalization Bureau to the municipal (prefecture) Rural revitalization Bureau, requiring all localities to carefully organize comparative inspections, draw inferences from one another, rectify problems in time, and improve risk prevention measures.The counties, county-level cities and districts to be audited should complete the rectification work in both quantity and quality in accordance with the problems identified in the audit, so as to ensure the quality and quality of the achievements in poverty alleviation.It is reported that the risk Prompt List for Consolidating and expanding poverty alleviation achievements in Sichuan Province suggests 7 aspects and 26 risks, mainly including:Measures to prevent Chinese dynamic monitoring and support is not enough precise risk, business, education, health care and other support policy implementation does not reach the designated position, the risk of industrial project with poverty people benefit coupling mechanism, the industrial poverty alleviation projects lack of regulatory impact with poor efficiency, investment in the private sector financial capital can’t recover the unfulfilled and dividend risk,There are risks that public welfare posts are not fully provided for those in need, that employment training is not effective, and that people out of poverty are not able to keep their posts stable. There are risks of idle losses of village collective economic projects, illegal use and lending of industrial support funds, excessive precipitation of industrial support funds, and overdue lending of industrial support funds.The remaining funds of poverty alleviation projects remain idle for a long time, and some poverty alleviation assets without a sound management and protection mechanism may be damaged or left idle. There are risks of insufficient industrial supporting facilities, incomplete supporting infrastructure and public service facilities, low level of community governance, and timely settlement and allocation of funds for relocation projects.(Source: Southwest Business Daily, February 16, 2022, 06 edition: Formulating and issuing a risk alert list for Rural Revitalization to ensure the quality and quality of the achievements in consolidating and expanding poverty alleviation)