National foot 1:3 Vietnam, New Year’s day fill block, as expected did not let people down

2022-07-27 0 By

China lost to Vietnam in the 2022 Qatar World Cup Asian Qualifier at 8pm on Feb 1, 2018, while the Spring Festival Gala was being broadcast on TV stations.Li Chengpeng also got the third-level bludk, a crisp defeat did not let the fans disappointed, feel disappointed friends do not feel that the Spring Festival Gala is actually ok.In fact, the first victory over Vietnam was also a little lucky, Vietnam’s foot skills and penetration of short passing are definitely better than China’s national football team, of course, there is nothing to be proud of above China’s national football team, after all, there are not many teams below China’s national football team, strictly speaking, the team below China’s skills is basically a semi-professional team.The performance of the National football team is almost desperate, completely can not see a little hope, even the morale is not, 0:3, the players a numb face, just like work, or the factory of the kind of screw class.Because they know that an anxious face or some anxious body movements will be considered as disunity, regardless of the overall situation, anyway, no one else is in a hurry, what’s my hurry?We don’t have to worry about the mentality adjustment of the National football team. No one adjusts faster than them. After all, they are used to losing, and ordinary fans may have to sleep for a night to digest it.Basically, the main task of this group of players is to prolong your career as long as possible, take care of your wives, children and your families, and you really don’t need to be burdened with the results of the national team.Wu Lei will retire from playing for a few more years and seek an official position in Shanghai FOOTBALL Association. Zhang Linpeng should be the right back who looks most like a professional player. He made a fool of himself by clumsily stopping the ball and turning around, entertaining the fans and blocking the way to plan players.So, how can I make up, the Chinese football a lot of people are saying popular ah, youth ah, this is the most scientific method, as we hope the Chinese team can hit the ball, the way Barcelona goal, that is, of course, the highest level of football, but it was impossible, at least in a short period of time is not possible, within our ecological,No sport, including table tennis and badminton, can be advanced by popularizing scientific youth training. If I can give you a counter-example, those who advocate it are those who work in the industry, because it is good for them, because in this soil, the normal way is bound to go sour and there will be a lot of corruption.Therefore, the best way is to borrow chickens and eggs, and send good young players directly to the European teams. Even if they can only play at the second or third tier level in Europe, they will be better than the third or fourth tier level in Asia.When our soil is allowed to operate like that of Japan, the scientific selection system will be established naturally.