Double color ball 018 drawing drawing near: the sword refers to the hundred million yuan award, 15 times the single pick ticket blue ball Bo cold

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Lottery friends, everyone!Here is the old Yin for you to bring lucky double color ball sun ticket program, today is mainly introduced for everyone is a want to impact 10 million first prize 13+2 double entry and a want to make 100 million yuan miracle times cast single type, but before we still as usual review the last period of the winning situation, look at the past good luck all fall in which?The lucky double color ball 017 drawing number “06 09 24 29 30 32+07”, the red ball number appeared polarization, the early state hot two area broken code, the skew serial number broke out 47, the same tail and serial number again, the first prize opened 5 bets fell 4 places, the winning place is F Jingdongcheng District and Shunyi district, Tangshan, Hebei,Liupanshui in Guizhou province and Lanzhou in Gansu Province.After the lottery, 1.54 billion prize pool rolled over to this period of the lottery, if you participate in this period, 2 yuan investment is likely to win 10 million yuan, I wish you good luck!After sharing the information of the grand prize in the previous period, we will immediately enter the link of showing tickets today, as shown in the picture above:It can be seen from the face of the ticket that among the red ball numbers of the ticket, the leading number selects the odd number of the surplus 0 channel 03, and the phoenix number selects the odd number of the surplus 2 channel 29. A total of 4 groups of serial numbers are arranged in the interval, the most eye-catching is 15, 16 and 17, and the blue ball 2 yards are all even.One of the most notable is the big Cold 12, which has been missing for 70 issues.Pick to show is a desire to 15 times the one-on-one hit one hundred million yuan miracle, due to the double chromosphere current prize pool funds have been high, friends must have a lot of times to vote way, we can see from the above, the only appeared in the ticket 1 note number, red balls of 01 08 12 16 26, 31, 12, basketball red balls interval distribution to 2:2:2, the size ratio is 2:4, parity ratio is 2:4, and value 94, span 30, blue ball and the above large double entry ticket selection is exactly the same, but do not know in this period of the lottery, big cold number will thaw counterattack?After the above tickets, and drying of tickets of this period the double chromosphere first come to an end, but in the end I still have a few words to say, here to buy the color just we live in an entertainment project, whether you are reference or actual combat, left period of avoid by all means is too high, and don’t bite off more rational participation, understand tasted, finally thank you for your watch and support, goodbye!