Zaocan | Nucleic acid test results in panyu prevention, control and containment areas have been negative;Today’s Winter Olympics is full of excitement

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Today is February 8, 2022, the eighth day of the first lunar month, dear users and fans guangzhou today is overcast between cloudy, 8℃ ~ 14℃.Here comes today’s AI anchor
In the morning of February 6, panyu district a person returning from outside the province xu nucleic acid test positive.The Panyu District immediately activated the emergency plan for handling the epidemic, took control measures immediately, carried out epidemiological investigation and nucleic acid testing, and carried out sampling and disinfection measures in key places where the positive people were involved.As of 16:00 On February 7, nucleic acid test results of personnel in containment, control and prevention areas were negative.Details & gt;>>Chinese athletes Gu Ailing and Ning Zhongyan have a chance to win MEDALS in the winter Olympics, while figure skaters yuanyu hanyu is the top skating star.Details & gt;>>China’s Ren Ziwei won the gold medal and Li Wenlong the silver medal in the men’s 1,000m short-track speed skating final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Feb 7.Details & gt;>>Details & gt;>>Cao Xue, chief designer of “Bing Dwen Dwen” and one of the top ten designers in China, revealed the birth process of “Bing Dwen Dwen” in Guangzhou.Details & gt;>>Since February 7, the nucleic acid testing point set up by Guangzhou South Railway Station will only provide free nucleic acid testing to all passengers arriving on trains passing through stations in medium-high risk areas, as well as passengers from medium-high risk areas.Details & gt;>>Although these days wet and cold unbearable, but guangzhou this wave of impact into winter did not succeed, the next three days the weather continues to be cold, back to the south to join in the fun.Details & gt;>>During the 2022 Spring Festival holiday, the total passenger volume of Guangzhou metro network is 18.699 million. Which stations have the largest passenger volume?Let’s see.Details & gt;>>The Health Commission of Guangdong Province issued a warm reminder for the public returning to Guangdong, suggesting five prevention and control measures.Details & gt;>>Office of Shenzhen COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters has issued Notice No. 4: The return time of primary and secondary school (kindergarten) students will be postponed to February 21, 2022.Details & gt;>>Xiao Yuyi, who scored the winning goal in China’s 3-2 win over South Korea in the Asian Women’s Cup final, is a girl from Chaoshan, Guangdong province.See what xiao Yuyi looks like to her family.Details & gt;>>U.S. officials say Russia could attack Ukraine “at any time,” possibly on the scale of a “full-scale invasion.”Ukrainian officials continued to reassure people not to believe “predictions of impending doom.”Details & gt;>>During the seven-day Spring Festival holiday, China’s box office took 6.035 billion yuan, the second highest in history.Details & gt;>>Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City editor: Long Cheng Liu