Up, up!Changsha raises minimum wage

2022-07-26 0 By

According to the human Resources and Social Security Department of Hunan Province “On the Adjustment of the minimum Wage standard in hunan Province in 2022” (Hunan People’s Society (2022) No. 6) spirit, with the consent of the municipal people’s Government, recently, changsha Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued “on the adjustment of the minimum wage standard in Changsha city in 2022”.The minimum wage in Furong district, Tianxin District, Yuelu District, Kaifu District, Yuhua District and Wangcheng District will be adjusted to 1,930 yuan per month and 19 yuan per hour.The minimum wage in Changsha county, Liuyang City and Ningxiang city has been adjusted to 1,740 yuan per month and 17 yuan per hour.It will take effect from April 1, 2022.Changsha city minimum wage standard includes all sorts of social insurance premium that laborer individual should pay, monthly minimum wage standard applies to full-time laborer, hour minimum wage standard applies to non – full-time laborer.Related reading: What are the penalties for companies that refuse to implement minimum wage standards?A: human resources and social security departments at all levels according to the employee to report, complaint, or in the process of daily inspection, found that unit of choose and employ persons in violation of these provisions, deduct or default worker pay, pay the salary of laborer under minimum wage standard, according to relevant provision, instruct unit of choose and employ persons to pay laborer within a time limit balance of wages;If the employer fails to make the payment within the time limit, it shall order the employing unit to pay additional compensation to the laborer at the standard of more than 50% but less than one time of the amount payable;If the employer refuses to pay, it shall be imposed a fine of not less than 2,000 yuan but not more than 20,000 yuan.Source: Changsha People’s Society, Changsha