She, 10 years 5 “panda blood” 1300 ml

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“It is very valuable to save more people in need with our special ‘panda blood’.”Recently, won last November “Chinese good man” huaihe Energy holding group materials for the center workers Hu Mengqiu told reporters.Hu mengqiu’s relationship with blood donation began when he joined the army in 2008.During the volunteer blood donation organized by the army, Hu Mengqiu learned for the first time that he had RhB negative blood, which is commonly known as “panda blood”.She considers herself lucky to know that this blood type can help others with the same blood type at a critical time.Since then, she has been able to use this special blood to save other people’s lives whenever needed by her fellow soldiers and the public, and has grown into an active member of the army’s public welfare activities.After returning home to Huainan, Hu Mengqiu will be the first time to the city center blood station for the record.Before long, she joined the “National Emergency Blood Donors-China Rare Blood Group Alliance”, always ready to use her blood to save the lives of others.Hu Mengqiu told reporters that in October 2018, when she was on maternity leave at home, she accidentally saw a message forwarded on her wechat moments: “Urgently looking for RhB negative blood.”It turned out that a pregnant woman was in a car accident, 32 weeks of fetal placental abruption, fetal death, the pregnant woman’s spleen rupture, in need of blood transfusion to save her life.Then Hu mengqiu received an unknown number, a call for help from the pregnant woman’s family.After a brief conversation, she took a taxi to the central blood bank.The doctor learned that she had just given birth and told her that donating now would have a lot of impact on her and the baby, but Hu mengqiu did not hesitate and gave 100 milliliters of blood more than normal.In addition to donating blood, Hu mengqiu is also enthusiastic about public welfare.During the 2020 flood control period, she and young volunteers went to the flood control embankment to comfort the front-line flood control personnel, and delivered water, watermelon, towels, soap, mosquito spray and other summer cooling supplies to support the flood control work with practical actions.During the fight against COVID-19, Hu Mengqiuchong worked at the front line of epidemic prevention and control, disseminating knowledge about epidemic prevention, carrying out environmental sanitation disinfection, taking temperature tests, and tracking the health status and life trajectory of workers returning to work, making contributions to the epidemic prevention and control work of the company and the community.In the past 10 years, Hu mengqiu donated 1,300 milliliters of precious “panda blood” five times for free, saving the lives of three critically ill patients.She was elected “Good Person of Anhui” in June and “Good Person of China” in November last year.The reporter Zhu Qian