Primary School dynamics! Walking without stop, firm faith

2022-07-25 0 By

Online teaching during the epidemic has been carried out for more than two weeks, and all activities have entered a stage of smooth operation.Traditional Chinese teaching and research activities as usual, but this online teaching and research more elegant and calm.Director Wang Aihua presided over the Dingding video conference. She led us to review and summarize the class situation of these two weeks and put forward the problems of online teaching from the following aspects: 1. Equipment — old computers and network cards;2, technical — not skilled in operation;3. Lesson preparation — more than 20 minutes is not concise enough;4. Course plan — sometimes the class is not in accordance with the schedule, and the phenomenon of being late and late sometimes occurs;5. The online classroom environment is not clean and tidy enough, and some students lack the sense of ceremony;6. Homework — After the broadcast, all classes assign homework uniformly, without classification arrangement;7, habits – morning reading, practicing the quality is not high, citing extra-curricular materials exist.These phenomena, which exist in every aspect of our online teaching, point to the problem without any ambiguity.Director Wang also unreservedly shared a lot of good practices and ideas, such as the use of advanced unlock in the smart homework in the nail home schoolbook, and the initiation of good ideas to meet the reading festival activities.Under the guidance of Director Wang, our Chinese teacher’s road is wider and wider, and his heart is brighter and brighter.The problem must not only be identified, it must be solved.Then, Duan shengnan shared some good practices of her online teaching.Singing before class arouses the enthusiasm of students, the interaction in class reduces the distance between teachers and students, and the spark of thinking comes out of the collision of Lianmai in class…Every time I listen to section of teacher to share, I am amazed at her wonderful ideas, succumbing to her feeling into the reason, but also admire her consistency.She has the wisdom and sassiness of the Chinese teacher, as well as the happiness and abundance of the industrial park teacher!Next, each grade group started teaching research, we shared the work experience of the week, and claimed the next task under the arrangement of the lesson leader.Good ideas, you sing and I come on stage;New ideas for discussion and research are generated instantly.Unconsciously, Chinese teaching and research on this continued for a whole afternoon, we left the nail nail meeting, the heart more determined: good preparation, good class, do a good job of online teaching.The wind of March is blowing busy us. Teaching and research on problems is accompanied by online teaching, which makes us walk without stop, but with firm faith.Draft: Bao Xiao Review: Zhang Lina