Know a day to determine the relationship, prepare to get a certificate to discover oneself like to be dad, girlfriend: do not know which

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Lobular and Xiao Yang are young people, usually nothing like online chat, the acquaintance of two people is also through the network.In a boring time, lobules with mobile phone search nearby people, just met Xiao Yang, then holding the mentality of trying to say hello, did not think of the other party unexpectedly through, because two people of similar age topic and speculation, agreed the next day to meet.The day after they met, they became boyfriends and girlfriends and lived together.Nothing seemed to go wrong until they were ready to talk about getting married.When talking about marriage theory to marry, lobule was informed his cummer however a jing day secret, and this secret lets him cannot accept however, suffer attack even.The original two people in preparation for marriage, Xiao Yang said he did not tell lobular things before, now, need to confess to lobular.The original lobular when meeting with Xiao Yang has been pregnant, now has passed three months of time, Xiao Yang’s belly also gradually uplift, may be because things fast hide, so Xiao Yang just like lobular frank.Lobule is very angry after knowing this secret, said if his fiancee is like this, that this marriage is bound to not get married, but Xiao Yang appears very aggrieved.Xiao Yang said two people in the know when he is in this state, and their situation is before the two know happened, why the lobule can not accept their own now?In the face of xiao Yang’s speech, lobular nature is not acceptable, lobular said xiao Yang’s style is too casual, how can this state get married?At the same time, who is the biological father of the child questioned by small leaf leaf?However, when asked who the biological father of the child is, Xiao Yang said that he did not know, and Xiao Yang claimed that before he met Xiao Ye, he liked to search for people nearby, and sometimes he would spend the night when they met, because of too many times, he did not know which one was the problem.In the face of Xiao Yang’s attitude, xiao Ye said it was unreasonable. If his wife was this attitude, what marriage would he talk about?The two people affection life that plan to marry originally also runs aground at this point, lobule also expresses oneself in any case won’t marry with such woman.Final two people still end in order to part company, to xiao Yang’s practice lobule in any case also cannot accept, and also begin to reflect on this paragraph of feeling.Two people themselves acquaintance time is not long, the understanding between each other is not enough, but early to talk about marriage to marry this step, if it is not the child in xiao Yang’s stomach, I am afraid that the little leaf will always be in the dark.The story ends there, but could the couple’s problems enlightens anyone?Nowadays there are always some young men and women regard affection as child’s play, think oneself young can wanton squander, little think you squander is your future.Xiao Yang as a girl, for his body not self-love, not enough to the feelings of attention, with a popular word now, is to find an honest person to take over.Xiao Yang’s idea is very good, but it ignores a point, is now highly developed information society, honest people seem not so easy to deceive.But then again, why would a girl feel this way in today’s society?What is it that causes this?Are honest people really that easy to find?So here also want to have a “play enough to find a honest man married,” the idea of girls selling: you can take the youth as a capital, but the youth will not accompany you to play for a lifetime, when you waste your youth, actually is squandering their own future, when you play enough, have you ever thought, to greet you will be how to end?Although people in today’s society have very open ideas, very open does not mean that there is no constraint, the concept of no moral bottom line will not be accepted by the public.For a few girls who have such ideas, on the one hand, they want to do things beyond the moral bottom line of the author, on the other hand, they want to be tolerated by today’s society. How can there be such a good thing?For the young leaf, I also want to make some suggestions: as a young man, there is nothing wrong with looking for someone to fall in love with, but you must keep your eyes peeled. There are many good girls, but good girls will not do such things out of line.You think about this girlfriend you know only contact for a day to establish a relationship, do you think it is a gift from god to you?Treat affection must be carefully, you put the feelings lightly natural feelings will be kidding with you, two people together is the most important is trust, for such a long time are you getting along with your girlfriend, the girlfriend’s past know nothing, then you will reflect, what makes his girlfriend to papering fire when frank with you?Finally, I hope you can find your own true love, and I also hope that the two young men and women in similar stories can respect themselves, after all, some mistakes can be forgiven, but some mistakes can not be.