Inter drew 1-1 with napoli, tired is the theme of this inter, who can give dzeko rest time

2022-07-25 0 By

The match between Inter and Napoli ended in a draw. It was a game in which both sides were not in good condition. If Inter is in this condition, the Champions League may have many problems, but this game can also see that Inzaghi really feels that playing a strong team is not enough.The choice of the back is very bold, but the actual effect, back problems indeed as expected the defender did not perform well, but this is no way to inter milan defender now seems not enough rotation, devry gave a penalty, di, performance is not good, the guard Mr Kerry, there have been some mistake, this is the performance of some of the players, the gameAlso the performance of inter’s back line in this game, but who can replace?Only d ‘Ambrosio can substitute, this is the helpless place.And those players will still have to play for Liverpool, with javier Bastoni likely to start at fullback, a defence whose form, especially in recent disastrous matches, hopefully won’t be repeated in the Champions League.But inter do need a change in central defence and in recent games it has always seemed that one of the defenders has made a mistake.Midfield performance is bad, tired midfield performance is bad, this is the problem, from the game, inter midfielder did not form a good player, should be tired, of course, the players should have this week, there is no rest, cup is basically the players, the league, too, that midfielder is there really no substitute can be used many times over, recent substitute mainly use vidal,The rest of the players seem not to rotate, the performance of the left and right wingers is not good, the overall situation is basically the same as the cup match, and the milan game does not seem to have any squad changes, will soon play Liverpool, this team can really play well?Not really.So some of inter’s midfielders are right and the team may have to wait for Gossens to be available so that their rotation of wingers is adequate.Are the strikers trying to wear Dzeko out?Dzeko is a solid starter, although tired, but also to start, this is really a little helpless.But it also says something about this team’s lack of a center.Martinez was just so-so, still not very good at passing the ball in front of the box, and his handling of the ball in front of the box is questionable.But this very troublesome, is Mr Correa recently is unavailable, the team has three striker can use cases, sanchez and martinez feeling is rotation, dzeko is the main body, so a stable team center, is also repeatedly in critical moment rescue team, the game is the same, he was tired, who can let him rest?If not, it will be difficult to play against Liverpool, and dzeko should be inter’s most consistent goalscorer of late.The problem with Napoli, the game felt like a draw, so I didn’t work hard enough and I wasn’t in good shape.