Ecuador were fearless against Brazil, Uruguay struggled with veterans and Argentina returned home triumphant

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Ecuador: 0-2 draw, 8-0 Brazil: 8-2 draw, 0-0 Ecuador: 0-2 draw, 0-0Ecuador made a big comeback, and won 7 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses in the preliminary round of the last World Cup.With 23 goals scored and 13 conceded, the team is second only to Brazil and Argentina and has a good chance of reaching the World Cup.Visiting team Brazil recent situation: Brazil 11 wins, 2 draws, 0 negative 35 points in the first place, ahead of the sixth Chile as many as 18 points to advance to the World Cup tickets, after the game coach Tite do not care too much about the result, put more emphasis on the practice of tactics and give more opportunities to small players.Ecuador went on to beat Chile 2-0 in the qualifier, the two teams were similar in attack and the team was able to suppress only 1 shot on target, winning the match and winning the match in a row.Brazil’s 0-0 away draw against Argentina in the last round was mediocre.The two teams recently met Brazil home 1-1 tie with Ecuador, this service Neymar and other core probability will not start, Ecuador can take the opportunity to take points, after all, the team in the overall cooperation in all aspects do well.Paraguay won 1, drew 5, and lost 5. Paraguay won 4, drew 5, and lost 1.The result will determine Paraguay’s chances of moving to the top of the table, with two wins, seven draws and five losses. Paraguay are ninth in the table with 13 points, second from bottom, four points behind Peru in fifth place.9 goals in attack and defense, 18 goals conceded, the performance of the forward line is not ideal.Uruguay: As one of the South American giants, Uruguay has experienced a period of drought, and now the team is still relying on two veteran players suarez and Cavani.With 4 wins, 4 draws and 6 losses, the team is in seventh place with 16 points and is in critical condition.With 14 goals scored in attack and 21 conceded in defence, the team was as unbalanced as Paraguay.Sanavria has been the centre of Paraguay’s midfield, the only player in the top five leagues, and the team has been resilient, unbeaten in nine games and missing out on many points due to lack of control.Uruguay’s fernando torrera and giuseppe rossi have been ruled out by the coronavirus, and the squad is still led by Uruguay and Edinson Cavani, but the lack of reliable strikers and the overall age of the team heading to a difficult Paraguay is not good news.This: personal like Paraguay unbeaten World Cup qualifier: Chile vs Argentina game time: 2022-01-28 08:15 Friday event analysis: nearly 10 battle record: (2-3-5 Argentina Chile 5-3-2) : is it going with the home team in ChileChile, which is facing a barren season, has 16 points with 4 wins, 4 draws and 6 losses, one point behind Colombia, which is in fourth place. The team has scored 15 goals and lost 16.No new player has stepped forward to lead the team in recent years.The recent situation of the visiting Team Argentina: the copa America championship let the Pampas Eagles complete transformation, the team 8 wins, 5 draws, 0 minus 29 points in the second place, 13 points ahead of Chile basic predetermined place.With 20 goals scored in attack and defense and six goals conceded, Messi leads the frontcourt, and dybala and other attacking players, the overall strength is much better than Chile.The absence of Chilean playmaker Vidal, who received a red card, affected the team’s midfield hardness and transition attack, which was not as good as its opponents.Argentina have shown great consistency in qualifying, joining Brazil as the first team to lose and now have stars on all three lines to extend their unbeaten run against Chile.This time: I’m betting Argentina will win by a small margin. For more highlights, follow our football preview analysis