Whether can Chinese marry with Filipino handle immigrant how to deal with?

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The following article will introduce you to the matters needing attention of Chinese and Filipino marriage, and how to apply for 13A permanent residence visa, what is the process?1. How can I emigrate after marrying a Filipino?How to get married?The answer is yes, there are three ways to naturalize in the Philippines. According to international practice, there are birth naturalization, blood naturalization and naturalization.The first two methods of naturalization mean that if one of the parents is Filipino and the child is born in the Philippines, the child is automatically Filipino from birth.Naturalization is for foreigners who have resided in the Philippines for at least 10 years before applying for naturalization.2. So how to get married with the Philippines?First of all, let family members go to the domestic consulate to fill in the statement of single proof, notarization certification.First page of Chinese passport, front and back of ID card, household registration page, 2 photos on white background, Philippine ID, and the first page of Filipino passport.3. The cost of a marriage license in the Philippines?4. How to apply for 13 permanent resident immigrant visa after obtaining the marriage certificate?Time: NBI, fingerprint in one week, 4 weeks, get yellow card (valid for 1 year), after 1 year, you can stay permanently.Remittance of usd 20,050 to the designated bank of IAB, the application fee is USD 1,400, one-year card fee is USD 360 and additional applicant is USD 300 / person. 2.Full 18 one full year of life must provide no criminal double certification 3. 200050 dollars deposit even the head of the household can add two members of the application (needs and householder kinship dual certification), the child cannot apply for more than 21 years of age on the Philippines wedding sign process, how to apply for immigration and marriage if you have not understand can contact us directly YiFei personnel consulting for free for you.The article is reprinted from (yifei business Travel official website)