Gac Mitsubishi Yige new car 170 horsepower 8AT fuel consumption 7L belt six

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For now, the auto industry has become a hot premium market, and major manufacturers are struggling to come up with wang models.With the rapid development of automobile manufacturing technology, automobile brands must find their own positioning if they want to achieve success.It’s like The Mitsubishi Game.Mention mitsubishi yi Ge, we have to put the car owner Mr. Wang’s feelings said, his monthly salary of 7100, in order to talk about the object, he also bought Mitsubishi yi Ge, opened 90 days, what are the strengths of Mitsubishi yi Ge?Next, let him tell us!The exterior and interior look stable, atmospheric, and a little young feeling, good.Appearance is of course my big love, I firmly believe that appearance level is justice.The overall appearance is more fashionable, especially the headlights in front, good-looking.Full marks, I don’t like flashy cars, taillights are the most beautiful part.Interior is great, a lot of people make fun of mitsubishi interior is ugly, I just want to say you got shot in the eye.The interior console is that level, looking more concise.Interior material is a groove point, and the shape of such a radical car, the interior is so normal.Double skylights in front and rear, storage rack in front of shift lever, convenient for mobile phone.Space and comfort Although this car is in the compact SUV line, the space is quite good.The space is ideal, too. I’m 6 ‘3 “tall and not in the head.There’s room for a few bottles of water in a door compartment, plenty of room inside the center rail, and a small box for gadgets.The front and rear row store content space is still ok, but the tail box is slightly small, and the floor is slightly high, long-distance go out is not necessarily enough.The comfort of the Mitsubishi Yige is not perfect, but the absolute DUI is not bad although it is rear suspension.When passing some speed bumps, the chassis is still hard and the vibration is obvious.There is no noise at ordinary times, but only at high speed. There are tens of thousands of cars and what bikes?The back seat is a little too straight, my girlfriend said it was like a tanke, a kind of hard off-road feeling.The driving experience of the Mitsubishi Yige is because of its power ah.Powered by mitsubishi Yige 1.5T engine, when the turbine is involved, the feeling of pushing back is still very strong, and the acceleration is really good.On the way up, shift into manual mode and swish up.Non ECO mode, quick start, quick acceleration.Driving through the middle is more enjoyable, the car handling is very good.I am very satisfied with the steering control of my car. I control it freely and go along with it, and the direction is not heavy.The chassis is relatively solid, the structure of the body can feel very textured, and it is also very stable to open.There is no pressure to overtake in corners. The car is big but flexible.In terms of fuel consumption, the urban area consumes 8.5 and other areas 8.0.To sum up: an old driver with 18 years of driving experience, he insisted on carrying mitsubishi Yige when changing his car, and the owner frankly talked about his driving feelings.After listening to the owner’s sharing, I think that Mitsubishi Yige can be recognized by consumers and its appearance is very satisfactory, which is the first reason for me to choose this car.The feel of the interior is regular, nothing to say.I personally see nothing wrong with space.It’s nice to never drive a fancy car.After comparing the same level, we can find that Mitsubishi yi Ge is indeed relatively high cost performance.So what do you think of the Dachang Wang?