On the eve of Qingming Festival, teachers and students from many schools walked into the memorial hall of Comrade Zhu De’s former residence

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In order to let the majority of young people remember the history of the revolution, remember the revolutionary ancestors, inherit the fine tradition, strong patriotic feelings, cultivate the spirit of patriotism.On the eve of Qingming festival, teachers and students from dozens of schools such as Yilong Zhude Red Army Primary School, Ma ‘an Second Primary School and Sanhe Primary School came to the memorial hall of Comrade Zhu De’s former residence to carry out commemorative activities.The teachers and students of all schools presented flower baskets and flowers to the statue of Zhu De and bowed their heads to express their deep memory and infinite yearning for the great man of this generation.Organize the young Pioneers to review the pledge of joining the team, recite Zhu De’s poetry, listen to Zhu De’s story, visit the memorial hall of Zhu De’s former residence, pay respects to Zhu De’s former residence, feel the red culture, and get a profound revolutionary tradition education in the ideological.Explore the revolutionary history, study zhu De spirit, further understand comrade Zhu De’s childhood life and made great contributions to the Cause of Chinese revolution.Encourage students to inherit the red gene, carry forward the red culture, and establish a correct outlook on life, values and lofty ideals and aspirations.I hope the students love the party, patriotism, love the people, love their hometown, work hard, do the socialist cause of both political integrity and ability builders and successors.Students have said that to inherit and carry forward the glorious tradition of the revolutionary ancestors, always remember history, cherish today’s hard-won happy life, study hard, love labor, for the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation dedicated youth and strength.