Baojing: Lv Dongshan police station actively respond to snow and ice weather road traffic safety work

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Red net moment Xiangxi February 3 news (correspondent Gong Juan Zhang Hongjun) “master, hello, you are ready to go where?The road leading to the worship platform of Lvdong village is frozen, so we cannot go to it for the time being.”On February 2, in Baojing County, Xiangxi state, the road in Lyudongshan town froze, making it difficult for vehicles and pedestrians to pass. Hu De, director of The Lyudongshan police Station, set up a checkpoint on key road sections to persuade tourists to leave.During the Spring Festival, the number of people visiting relatives and friends increases, and more and more tourists go to Lvdong Mountain for sightseeing. Private cars and tourist buses travel frequently.Lv Dongshan police station immediately organized all staff to fight against cold, snow and ice, to ensure smooth, fighting in the line of duty, to ensure the icy road traffic safety and orderly.On January 31, at the beginning of the ice and snow are coming, the traffic police squadron of the timely start rain road traffic management of contingency plans, the focus of the organization of police jurisdiction in the road, scenic spots, cliff road traffic conditions to conduct a comprehensive field investigation, the bad weather conditions such as fog, rain and snow, ice roads, Bridges, ramp, corners, such as timely set up warning signs,Make preparations for clearing obstacles, check and find hidden road sections and accident prone areas.In recent days, Lu Dongshan traffic police squadron in key road sections additional police, traffic police organization to increase the strength of duty, mobile patrol and command dredging, and high altitude and deep snow lu Dongcun worship platform, platoon holding village, Xiyou village road traffic control.In the process of dredging, the traffic police actively promote the common sense of traffic safety to the majority of drivers, guide drivers to drive carefully, keep the distance between cars, slow down, avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents, ensure the safe travel of the company and passengers and the stability of the road traffic safety situation.The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original