Shandong 1 to detect a fraud posing as a leader

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Is it very respectable for the “leader” to take the initiative to add you?”The leader” a while after greeting condolence asks you to help transfer money this busy you help still do not help?If you hesitate now, then you are “lost”.Spring Festival holiday just over the criminals posing as leadership fraud again!➤ A typical case recently, Jining city public Security Bureau through the open district branch police traveled thousands of miles, 3 days uncovered a million telecommunications fraud case, as far as possible for the victim to recover the loss.In January this year, the open area residents Li mou reported to the police that people posing as leaders add wechat friends, in the name of working capital was cheated 1.1 million yuan.After the opening of the public security bureau attaches great importance to the rapid transfer of elite troops will set up a task force, the first time to take measures to lock the card to stop payment, freezing the involved funds of 650,000 yuan, do their best to help the victims recover their losses.Subsequently, according to the grasp of clues, the task force went to the provinces without stopping, many places, lasted three days and nights, tracing the line, at one stroke the suspect Qin and others arrested, for the successful detection of the case drew a satisfactory end.At present, the case is being further handled.In the first step of the fraud, the fraudsters pretend to be leaders’ wechat accounts and disguise themselves as “Gao Imitation numbers” with real photos and identity titles.The second step, the fraudster will look for the information of enterprises, departments and cadres that may be communicated in the area where the leader is acting, and then add the victim as a friend through the contact information obtained through illegal channels.The third step, fraudsters will care about subordinates in the tone of “leaders”, concerned about the development of enterprises, etc., to defraud the victims of trust;The fourth step is that the fraudster will ask the victim to transfer the money on his behalf on the grounds that he is not convenient for the transfer because he is the “leader”, and will send the fake screenshot of the transfer to the victim to show the victim that he has transferred back the funds, but in fact there is no.Don’t trust the telephone and information from unknown sources. Don’t disclose personal information of yourself and your family. Don’t transfer money to an unfamiliar bank account.If it is necessary to transfer money, please carefully verify the other party’s account, identity information and transfer reasons.In case of fraud, call 110 immediately.02 feet on the ground is not fantasy to “give leadership”, “personal relationship” information to identify more, don’t easily believe in the so-called “lead” of “preferential” conditions, not to be “human care” temptation, not without checking to transfer remittance, don’t reveal your id card, bank CARDS, authentication code and other information.Don’t be afraid of those who call themselves public security law, and ask for financial proof, “asset inspection” or transfer to “national security account” on the pretext of leaking victim identity information, suspected of crimes, and drug parcel, etc., do not easily believe them.We provide free legal services for people with financial difficulties or special cases.”Acquaintances”, “leadership” through social software, SMS with all kinds of reasons to induce you to remit money, be sure to confirm through the phone, meet and other channels.In communication, you can also ask the other party some questions, such as some specific people or things to verify the identity of the other party.Police remind 1, involving transfer, remittance and other matters, do not contact through QQ or wechat and other network tools, all in QQ and wechat mentioned transfer remittance, do not easily believe, must call to verify, to prevent lawbreakers to exploit loopholes.Their QQ and wechat do not expose too much specific information, such as occupation, address, name and so on.2, do not add people friends easily, also cannot enter other friends circle at will, to the computer regularly kill poison, in case illegal elements borrow Trojan virus steal information.3. The company shall formulate detailed financial examination and approval rules and regulations, strictly enforce the appropriation process, and forbid the use of telephone, QQ, wechat and other communication tools to issue appropriation instructions.Meanwhile, the management of seals should be strengthened.The shopping seal and U shield must be kept by special personnel or more than one person. They should be carried with them during work and placed in the safe during non-working hours.4. Don’t click or download files or links from strangers.Once you are sure that the other party is a fraud, please call 110 immediately to report.Source: Dazhong Daily wechat official account