On New Year’s Eve, our reporter went to the grassroots to spend the New Year’s Eve with the masses

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Our reporter jia wu on January 31, day and night lights bright, in the last day of the lunar national ox, our reporter goes down to the basic unit of a line, into the urban and rural residents around the home, their lenses and pen to record the snowland children happy New Year happy moments, to fully demonstrate the great changes in social fields and brilliant achievement in our province,It depicts the vigorous and vigorous spirit of the plateau children on their way to the national examination in the new era and the vigor and vitality of the new Long March, and tells the new atmosphere and expectations of the masses in the New Year.From the source of the Three rivers to the Valley of hehuang, from the Gobi Desert to the wind and snow grassland, the reporter will tell you the wonderful story of the struggle of the people of all ethnic groups in our province in the new era.”Tell us the truth” our reporter Chen Jun intern Shama Lanqi more than seven in the evening, the community red lanterns and children’s laughter, set off a thick flavor of the New Year.Yin Hengji, party branch secretary of Xiahongzhuang Village, Xiaoxia town, Pingan District, and his family sat together happily to celebrate the Spring Festival.”I wish my grandparents a happy New Year and a lucky Year of the Tiger!”Yin hengji’s daughter, who is in her second year of high school, happily picks up food for her grandparents as she puts down her glass.”A car in front of the house is not rich, but a family with parents is a blessing.”Yin Hengji said, “I specialize in the party branch and administrative work in the village, and my wife does odd jobs. I earn about 100,000 yuan a year. Now I live in a big house with two rooms and one hall built by the state.”The party building work goes ahead, the work does not neglect, the collective economy develops greatly, the farmers’ life changes greatly, the joint management does not relax, the villagers smile…”Outside the window, Yin hengji’s father and granddaughter, each holding an erhu, sing while pulling.In 2015, due to land demolition and relocation, the 288 households of 1225 people in Xiahongzhuang village moved to the current community and lived in spacious and clean buildings, realizing the “three transformations” from rural to urban, from agriculture to industry, and from farmers to citizens.At present, the villagers’ housing, transportation, living environment and family income have undergone qualitative changes. The most noteworthy aspect is now education, medical care, shopping, exercise and other aspects, which really reach the five-minute living circle.At this point, Yin hengji’s father took over and said, “Comrade reporter, be sure to express for all the villagers in your manuscript these words in your heart: ‘Listen to the Party, feel the party’s favor, and follow the Party.'”On Lunar New Year’s Eve, our reporter came to live in delingha City railway station street Minle Village Wang Qiang’s home.Surrounded by a simple kitchen, a family of three is busy preparing a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner, which is the taste of New Year for Wang Qiang and his wife, who work abroad all the year round.”It’s not a family year, but when there are good days, it’s a year everywhere.”In response to the “Spring Festival in place” initiative, Wang Qiang and his wife chose to celebrate the Spring Festival in place this year.The pot of boiling gravy billowing bubbling, daughter-in-law Yang Zao also embroidered their colorful lanterns hanging on the beams, lights shining on the house bright.Wang Qiang’s hometown is located in Gansu Longxi, is a small village deep in the mountains.”I earned 60,000 yuan last year, and I plan to earn more this year.”Outside, the sound of New Year firecrackers;In the house, Wang Qiang a family around the square table began to celebrate The New Year’s Eve, daughter-in-law Yang Zao also put dishes of food on the table, the joy of the festive atmosphere let the house become more lively.As he spoke, his third son, a migrant worker in Hangzhou, called to greet him via video.”Dad, this year I and you also respond to the policy, will not come back for the Spring Festival, you have a good life, I am very good.””Good, outside to take good care of yourself, eat more good New Year, don’t wronged yourself.”It was a simple greeting, but wang Qiang’s expression on the other end of the phone was full of longing for his son, who had not been home for the Spring Festival for two years.”Come on, three glasses of wine, our days are definitely getting better.”Tonight, for Wang Qiang is a special New Year’s Eve, rich dinner, enthusiastic workers, thick smell of the New Year, wang Qiang and his workers holding the glass to celebrate together…Zhang Zihan Dawa Yongtso, a reporter of our newspaper, is a returnee student in Gexia Community, Yushu City, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.Early in the morning on New Year’s Eve, Daywa Yongtsok and his family were busy making final preparations for the New Year’s Eve dinner.Choosing vegetables, washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, dressing vegetables…Every step was done with her family, she said:”Speak of the shopping, the back I found varieties of all kinds of ingredients on the market and a lot of rich, our family is a couple of days before the New Year’s eve to prepare ingredients, was also worried about food will be bad, the results to the vegetable market, just discover oneself overrated, not only the quality of the food didn’t have to say, and more varieties, the price is materially beneficial.”At school, Dawa Yongtsok also had a lot to gain.Last year, I became an active member of the Communist Youth League.Dawa Yung Tsok also longed to become an excellent Communist party member after he went to college.”Strong state I, please rest assured the party” clank oath is still ringing in the ears, she submitted materials to the organization while using action to practice their oath……Last year, after a year of self-improvement, she was accepted as a party activist, a small step on the road to becoming a party member, but it was the happiest thing that could have happened to Dayavyatsuk.As the bell of the New Year is about to ring, Daywongtsok and his family are sitting around a table filled with delicacies, watching the Spring Festival Gala and chatting with each other. They are immersed in the deep happiness of the New Year’s Eve.”In the New Year, I want to be better myself…”Mr. Dawatsuk set himself a new goal.Zhang Ayin’s “happy year” Chen Xi Zhang Huihui, our reporter On January 31, the reporter came to xining city, chaoyang street, north sichuan Hedong community road bridge company family courtyard of zhang Ayin old man’s home, dressed up warm room was full of laughter.Community director Zhang Haixia and staff in this special day also came to the elderly home, with the elderly together to enjoy the festival.”Come in and sit down, while we pack dumplings, I got up in the morning just chop good dumpling stuffing, celery beef, noodles are also ready, I wish everyone a smooth New Year.”Watching everyone enter the room, the old man arranged himself enthusiastically.Zhang Ayin, 77, moved to Qinghai from her hometown in Zhejiang province in her 20s. For more than 50 years, she made her home there, married and had children. However, after the death of her husband and two sons, she became an elderly person living alone in her community.”Thanks to the Party and the government, I have nearly 2,000 yuan for social security and old-age allowance every month, which is enough for me to live on. Thanks to the community staff, they come to visit me and help me clean the Windows during festivals. It is because of them that I feel not lonely.”Zhang ayin said.This festival, in addition to company, also let Zhang Ayin happy is with the help of the community staff, not only after cleaning the inside and outside of the home, but also added many flowers and decorations, a stronger festive atmosphere and New Year vitality.”Aunt Zhang, you see paper-cut stick this line?””A little to the left, when the red paper-cuts are pasted and the red lanterns are hung up, the New Year flavor will come…”In the sound and laughter of the New Year, happiness and joy are slowly spreading in Zhang ayin’s family…”Our New Year’s Eve is very warm.” Ding Yumei, our reporter January 31 is the Lunar New Year’s Eve.Ding Hongbang, a villager in Beishan Village, Mengyuan Hui Autonomous County, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, got up very early. She and her husband Ke Changqing prepared feed, released a flock of sheep from the pen, and drove them to the pasture.In the house, the mother-in-law has mixed the dumpling stuffing, Ding Hongbang deft and good noodles, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law began to make dumplings.”There is no shortage of anything at home, vegetables and meat.”County supermarket from vegetables to seafood everything, what you need to drive out to buy, very convenient.In menyuan “1·08” earthquake, Ding Hongbang’s house was severely damaged, the back wall of the main house fell back, and the corner cracked seriously. Two or three days after the earthquake, Ding Hongbang, his wife and their children moved into a movable housing donated by menyuan County enterprises.Push the activity that sticks to have Spring Festival couplets to find a place for plank door, experience thick New Year flavour.”From the earthquake to the eve of the festival, many party members and cadres came to pay attention to the affected people how to celebrate the festival.”Ke Chenghu, Ding hongbang’s father-in-law, said with a smile, “Please rest assured that our family lives well and there is no shortage of food. This year is as good as before.”After the earthquake, rice noodles, oil, instant noodles, mineral water……Donated materials from all walks of life, to every family sent a lot of party members and cadres every day to check.”Thank the Party and the government!”Is the earthquake area people say the most words.At nightfall, Ke changqing put the beef, fish and dumplings on the table, and the family reunion dinner began with dishes of fried dishes.”Because of the party ah, our New Year’s Eve is very warm!”Ke Chenghu picked up the cup and said a New Year greeting that moved everyone at the scene…On the afternoon of January 31, our reporter walked into the Erzhi family in Kagdan Village, Maduo County, Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. They were busy welcoming the arrival of the New Year.In the courtyard, the children run around in delight, always disturbing the amah who is carefully cleaning the floor. Inside, her husband, Erzhi, is putting pieces of meat and bones into a boiling stew, while a pot of milk tea wafts from the fire.In 2018, Erzhi became an ecological conservator in Sanjiangyuan National Park.”5·22” Mado earthquake, his house appeared small cracks, after the relevant departments of maintenance and reinforcement and installation of insulation layer, before the arrival of the cold winter, the family from the affected people resettlement tent moved back to a warm new home.Russia and Chile rushed to unpack the Spring Festival goods they had hoarded a few days ago, boiled peanuts, fried melon seeds, fried hemp flowers…A variety of snacks are placed on the table, attracting the children who are playing.Finished work, in the hands of a Russian intelligence told reporters: “can successfully organize them to welcome the New Year, all by the party and the government, after the earthquake XiangShang issued rations, ghee, fuel and other necessities, plus home mountain and subsidies, low benefits and ecological management staff income of these three is stable and reliable to head flush with it in his hand.”Russian wisdom on the face of a happy smile told reporters that this is undoubtedly a happy New Year.Yellow River township Party secretary Much too said: “Before the Spring Festival, we have completed all earthquake relief supplies and winter supplies for people and livestock, the township affected people’s life relief funds have also been issued in place, to ensure that the Yellow River township people have a good first Spring Festival after the earthquake.”On New Year’s Eve, the reporter came to the home of Kong Zhancai, a poverty-stricken household in Luoyihai Village, Gairang Township, Guide County, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.Walking into the house, I saw hole zhancai and neighbor grandma in fried pancakes, Hole Zhancai’s wife is kneading dough, his two daughters also help rolling skin, cutting noodles…They were talking and laughing in the room, and the smell of fireworks and food was lingering in the air. A warm and harmonious picture was unfolding in front of them…”In 2015, due to my mother’s age, my wife has rheumatoid arthritis, and my two daughters still have to go to school, our family was rated as a registered household,” kong said as he looked at the clean and bright apartment.Since then, Kong’s family has slowly changed, and he has received the minimum living allowance every month.He also enjoyed a renovation project of dilapidated houses with a total investment of 18,000 yuan, and soon built a brick and wood house of 80 square meters.Moreover, relying on the “530” loan of 40,000 yuan from the state, his family developed the breeding industry.”Ever since I started farming, all my heart has been on these cows.In this way, THROUGH the cow property, I have made money, and gradually we are better off!””In the future, we will continue to expand the scale of farming,” Kong said.Soon, all kinds of steamed buns, including crispy fried dough twist and golden fried bread, were piled up on a coffee table.Seeing such rich and delicious food, Kong zhancai was filled with happiness!At around 17:00 on January 31, in the restaurant of the Social Welfare Service Center in Jianza County, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, eight tables were filled with fruits, drinks and SAN zi of various colors.Old people have already put on new clothes, came to the restaurant, sitting around the table, laughing and waiting for the service center for them to prepare for the New Year’s Eve activities and rich dinner.Into the kitchen, cook just Ji Zhuoma and Zhou Ji are busy beside the stove, the dumplings have been wrapped by them into the hot boiling pot, the side of the 8 big plates, filled with mutton hand grasping rising hot.”Old people like to be busy, so we invited famous folk singers.”CAI Xiangjia, the head of the service center, said he and his staff began to decorate the restaurant, buy New Year goods and plan programs several days ago in order to make the elderly have a happy New Year’s Eve.It is the happiest time of the year for the old people.Under the careful arrangement of the service center, the old people got together and spent a happy and warm New Year’s Eve.”Coming here, UNDER the meticulous care of the staff, I really feel such warmth, they are even more intimate than sons and daughters, I sincerely thank the Party and the government, let us have such a happy old age.”During the dinner, the 79-year-old Dorji tai clenched the hand of the county party committee leaders who came to pay condolences, looking very excited.The atmosphere in the restaurant became more and more lively as a chorus of loud folk songs broke out.”The most beautiful but sunset red, I wish all the elderly health and longevity, happiness in their old age.”Looking at the smiles on the faces of the elderly, CAI Xiangjia, the head of the service center, can not help but smile.Qinghai Daily (4th edition on February 1st, 2022: Spring Festival to the Base) statement: All the above contents are original works of Qinghai Daily, except the source indicated. It is strictly prohibited to reprint without written permission.