I smell some specialties in the third week of 2022: work, study and coaching

2022-07-21 0 By

There is only one week left for the Spring Festival of 2022, I have to rehearse the program in my spare time, help the “Bear children” with their winter vacation homework, and sign up for the writing improvement class of Teacher Tang Xiaoxiao. I feel like a machine every day, and I am so busy that I can simply record as follows:A little teacher, learned soup of 10 ascension of writing lesson time flies, it has been 14 years in the university, in the 14 years, my work is always and writing, while writing life ceaseless, but always feel that writing has yet to be promoted, see soup a little lesson the teacher writes ascension, decisive signed up for this week, learned a lot at ordinary times is not easy to detect small skills, such as:Avoid being obscure, use fewer long sentences, and don’t use the same word over and over again. These skills can be used well in your writing.Second, do the housework while finished 2 TV play during the Spring Festival is coming, want to clean the house, so a lot of housework to do, and finished the housework around the side see Taiwan drama “common female form”, “if a person”, women’s existence in this world is difficult, if age 30 years old haven’t meet a right person to avoid chatter by surrounding people,”Common female form, chia-ling Chen of 39, no house, no car, unemployment is in the eyes of the world ‘loser dogs,’ but she has a sweet, inclusive of the original family, the family gave the infinite understanding and tolerance, can let her decision to give up the unsuitable marriage, work, and finally chose to stay in the home in tainan and first love Cai Sen deep;Zhou Jiaying in “if a man doesn’t want to a person, but her father’s death, the mother went to the United States, had deserted her boyfriend wants to be free, girlfriends is women’s clothing store boss, also busy helping her, so she had to a person to eat spicy hot pot, a person to travel to Japan, a person operations to celebrate the Spring Festival, a person, never adapt to slowly enjoy a person’s day,Finally, he went to Japan, and finally met his own original a person to enjoy single ding Zhiming for many years.Three, coaching lessons for the children all the parents poor heart, wench just after the final exam English basic level, wanted to take her to the countryside to grandma, but considering her poor grades, so want to take time from work to help her make up a missed lesson, and picked up many years didn’t visit the English book, starting from 26 English letters and the phonetic symbol, children always want naughty more than 10 years old,The process of teaching is also a process of growing together.Four, to meet the New Year’s great poem shows the rehearsal thought poetry reading group play only when “south guo” of others, didn’t expect this to meet the New Year’s program should not only learn the script, gestures, dance and sing, it’s figure, rest of the time this week in rehearsal, though very tired, but we practice, a time of laughter together very happy.Fifth, bought like flowers and food The Spring Festival is coming, the end of this week to chutian bought a pot of flowers red melon, a basin of mei red and the lady rose fragrance, ping pong chrysanthemum, a basin of a pot of so lifelike grew well more than meat, like go to the flower shop to buy a red, white and yellow roses, lily put the flowers in a vase, clean the sitting room of beauty like a picture of literature and art.