Director of Guangxi Health Commission: Baise has collected nucleic acid from more than 10 million people to provide a scientific basis for diagnosing the epidemic

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Nanning, February 13, China News Network (reporter Huang Yanmei)Coming in the Lantern Festival, the guangxi zhuang autonomous region, director of the health committee Liao Pinhu 12 fight to the district health system in the front line staff sent a letter to the baise resistance to disease, thanks to disease resistance line personnel “s home” for you, do the most beautiful NiXingZhe, 56 million ZhuangXiang fellows who build health and safety of defence.”On the occasion of the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger, you gave up reuniting with your families, braved the cold wind and freezing rain, and threw yourselves into the battle of epidemic prevention and control without any smoke, demonstrating the true responsibility of healthy people with concrete actions.”In his letter of thanks, Liao Pinhu said that 16,000 health workers responded to the call and quickly gathered in The Red City of Baise to fight the epidemic together with heroic people.It is your commitment and dedication that convey the strong confidence and strength of the Guangxi people to defeat the epidemic.Liao Pinhu said that the epidemic prevention and control situation in Baise is still grim and complex, and is in a critical period of control. If we share more responsibilities, the disease will be less rampant and the epidemic will end one day earlier.”You are racing against the virus in containment areas, isolation points and treatment wards, fighting against the disease and resolutely protecting people’s health and life safety,” Liao pinhu said in the letter.You make hundreds of phone calls a day, visit hundreds of families, and touch the row again and again. You have investigated more than 20,000 people within a week, completed more than 10,000 flow reports, and screened out more than 10,000 secret contacts and secondary secret contacts.Braving the harsh winter wind and freezing rain, you traveled to every village and community in Baise to collect nucleic acid from over 10 million people, providing a scientific basis for assessing the epidemic situation.”On 4 February, debao County, Baise City, found one positive person in the Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test of the returnee (Xu xx, returnee from Shiyan Street, Bao ‘an District, Shenzhen city, Guangdong Province).This round of epidemic affected baise 6 counties (cities, districts).According to the baise city authorities, as of 12 o ‘clock On February 12, a total of 249 confirmed cases had been reported, including 214 in Debao County.At present, Baise city has increased regional nucleic acid screening to ensure that “all tests should be carried out” and buy more time for prevention and control work.At the same time, speed up the tracing of the source of the flow, isolation and transport, close contacts and sub-close contacts should be transferred and separated as required, to cut off the chain of transmission in communities and villages.(after)