The new Chinese women’s volleyball squad will be announced soon!

2022-07-20 0 By

The new Chinese women’s volleyball squad will be announced soon!A two-day physical test at the national women’s volleyball training camp ended yesterday, and the new Chinese women’s volleyball squad will be announced soon.The Chinese women’s volleyball training camp, which opened on February 17, has 67 players.After more than a month of training, a total of 55 players participated in the two-day physical test, while 12 players, including Yao Li, left the training camp after going through formalities for leave due to pre-scheduled surgeries and entrance exams.CAI Bin, head coach of The Chinese Women’s Volleyball team, said, “The training camp achieved the expected goal and achieved remarkable results.The team, which includes coaches and physical, rehabilitation and physiotherapy support staff, is on the right track.Looking back on the previous training camp, Tianjin main striker Li Yingying said: “the 46-day training has benefited me a lot. The biggest gain is that I have improved my physical fitness. Every data has been steadily improved.The physical fitness test was conducted by a professional team and videotaped throughout.Physical fitness test content covers the run-up touch height, 30 meters sprint, 3,000 meters run, body fat ratio test, throwing a solid ball, mid-thigh and sustained explosive power test and volleyball related to higher items.After the results of the physical test, the coaching team will confirm the Chinese women’s volleyball squad.Source: CCTV Sports network