“Service upgrade” Spring Festival does not close, free service enjoy

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The Spring Festival is the time for family reunion. They chose to stick to their posts and give up their families, and fulfill their commitments with actions. China Unicom services will upgrade the Spring Festival without closing service.Right after graduating from school, Wu joined the First Smart Customer Service Center in South China and became a customer service representative of 10010 hotline.This is her first Spring Festival since she started working.Are we going home or not?She had been wrestling with the problem for a week.”I won’t go back this year.”Colleague Liu Hongma smiled gently, but his eyes were very firm.Earlier, during the epidemic in Shaanxi, the First Center in the South carried forward the spirit of responsibility of “when one party is in trouble, all parties provide support” and took the initiative to undertake the security work of xi ‘an 12345 Mayor’s hotline. She applied to join the hotline as soon as she arrived and was a very active backbone member.”My hometown is Wuhan, Hubei province.I still remember the outbreak of the epidemic at the beginning of 2020. When Wuhan was shut down, people all over the country prayed for us, supported us and helped us overcome the difficulties.Now that the epidemic is under control across the country, I wanted to do more to give back to those who helped us.”Liu Hongma said.Suddenly, Wu Huimin’s heart was very transparent and bright. She closed the ticketing APP and called her family: “Mom and Dad, I won’t go home for the Spring Festival this year.I’ll apply for duty and do my job…”In order to repay for the help they have received and for the millions of users who have expectations of China Unicom during the festival, they stick to their posts and continue to serve during the Spring Festival, reflecting the responsibility and responsibility of China Unicom staff.Service is never closed, we are always there!”I am a person on duty, several families happy, worth it!”This Spring Festival, Tian Guangpu, a teacher of Beijing Unicom Tongzhou Branch, chose to be on duty again.This has been his “habit” for several years.On the eve of the Spring Festival, when the epidemic hit again, Tian and his colleagues built and maintained the network of the Wuzhi protection and epidemic prevention system for local government departments and enterprises, and at the same time, they were also responsible for timely installation and repair of the public customers in the area. They worked hard for more than ten days and were highly praised by users.Tian master is responsible for the community there are several elderly people, they always appear every once in a while to use the telephone on the small problem, Tian master will be the first time for the old people to solve problems.This Spring Festival, Tian master stick, the heart is more about these elderly families.Because their children are not around, the elderly mainly rely on mobile phones for external contact, in addition to entertainment, more sustenance.”In recent Spring Festivals, many people have been unable to go home because of the epidemic,” tian said. “Several elderly people in my district have long told me that their children cannot go home.I knew they wanted someone to keep their communications open at all times.I am a person on duty, several family happy, value!”Unicom business hall in the festival lights, to create “Unicom temperature”.Year of the Tiger Spring Festival approaching, Changsha Unicom carefully arranged the business hall, to create a thick “Unicom temperature”.More than 200 business offices of Changsha Unicom continue to open for business this Spring Festival.In the festival of lights, the national Unicom business hall also has a lot of lovely customer service personnel to continue to stick to the post, to provide intimate service.