New Wei Ran ushered in the first show, SAIC Volkswagen with a number of star products at the Guangzhou Auto Show

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On November 19, the 19th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition was inaugurated. In hall 6.1, saic Volkswagen Volkswagen brand ID.3, ID.4 X, ID.6 X pure electric models appeared on the same stage, showing ID.Pure electric family style.New vistas based on the MQB EVO digital architecture were unveiled for the show’s debut.At the same time, saIC-Volkswagen SUV family and sedan family star representatives — new Tion family, new Tiguan family, Tuyue, new Passat, etc. — gathered in the booth, forming a strong lineup to demonstrate the Volkswagen brand’s increasingly young brand vitality.Saic Volkswagen ID. In the first year, saic Volkswagen ID.3 has been on the market for only one month and become the highlight of Volkswagen brand booth. This is the first time for ID.3 to come to Guangzhou Auto Show.Quality fun pure electric crossover ID.3, after its launch, has won high praise from all sides in aspects of interesting personalized design, leap-forward large space brought by long wheelbase, performance, fun and comfortable driving.Just a week after its launch, 1,255 units of the ID.3 have already been sold in retail, confirming the popularity of the market.Adhering to the all-in attitude, SAIC Volkswagen launched ID. 4x, ID. 6x and ID.3 on the market In March, June and October this year, and completed the ID.In the first year of the product puzzle, at the same time, it shows the strong system strength of Volkswagen brand electrification strategy.After the launch of ID. family, with reliable, easy to use and real car experience, “care about users every day”, is becoming the ideal choice of pure electric vehicles for many domestic families.In terms of sales, ID. family has reached a new level in a row, with retail sales reaching 7,052 units in October, up 41% from the previous month, indicating a steady growth momentum.By the end of October, the annual total retail sales of SAIC Volkswagen ID. Family reached nearly 22,000 units, becoming a new sales growth point of Volkswagen brand.In addition, IN recent days, ID.4x has been awarded the “All Good” evaluation of the new version of THE C-IASI evaluation procedure by China National Security Research Institute, and has achieved the best performance in the history of C-IASI evaluation.ID. Series of power batteries was awarded the “Star of Honor” by TUV Nandze Greater China Group, becoming the first domestic winner of this award.The market feedback of “Quanyou” continues to provide strong endorsement for Volkswagen brand to adhere to quality manufacturing.On the Volkswagen brand booth, an MPV attracts many eyes. It is the new VIran based on MQB EVO digital architecture brought by SAIC Volkswagen.The interior of new Wei Ran adopts suspension design in many places to increase the atmosphere of young fashion;At the same time, the intelligent vehicle system and driving assistance system will be upgraded to bring more efficient and digital driving experience, and further highlight the luxury MPV feature of “easy to ride and easy to drive”.It is reported that New Wei Ran is expected to be officially listed in the first quarter of 2022.The new interior atmosphere and touch technology make the car look new.The instrument panel, central passage and door interior of New Wei Ran are all designed in suspension to add dynamic and fashionable atmosphere.Inside the car atmosphere lamp new dynamic function, the vehicle unlocked and locked with a flashing effect, between the streamer overflow added a sense of ceremony.In the central console area, the dial type digital shift mode is simple and easy to use, which improves the sense of technology and grade.Headlights, reading lights and rear air conditioning control panel are switched to touch switches, user-friendly operation to enhance user experience.In addition, thanks to saic Volkswagen’s new MQB EVO digital intelligent architecture, high-speed CAN bandwidth is increased from 500KB to 2MB, Ethernet bandwidth is increased to 100M, and communication speed is increased by 4 times.This means more data collection, higher computational responsiveness, and a smoother user experience, making Travel Assist 2.0 easier and less stressful.New products, new images, new people.According to the data of the Passenger Association, the annual cumulative retail sales of SAIC Volkswagen Volkswagen brand have exceeded 1.1 million units this year, ranking the first in domestic single brand sales and being the only single brand with annual cumulative retail sales exceeding 1 million units at present.With the help of younger products and better service, IT is believed that SAIC Volkswagen can win the favor and trust of more consumers.