Fidelity Lexus UX300e new energy discount 40,000 yuan green travel unlimited

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Lexus first pure electric SUV UX300e pure pleasure edition discount 40,000 yuan, comprehensive cruise 400 km, free charging pile, 6.5 hours slow charging, fast charging 60 minutes 300 km.Financial car purchase enjoy 50% down payment, 0 interest, 0 monthly payment or a variety of financial programs, to provide 6 years of 150,000 km vehicle free warranty maintenance services;8 years or 200,000kms free warranty service!Special line: 400-872-8680/0371-55550066 can now test drive, hot reservation!!Invitation gift — you can give a beautiful gift if you are invited to visit the car for a test drive.Financial gift –RX Financial car purchase for life basic maintenance;Test drive gift — enter the store customers test drive enjoy a key chain;Car booking gift — customers entering the store can enjoy boutique gift bag, beauty gift bag;Introduction gift — old customers introduce new customers to buy a car to enjoy a Lexus bicycle.Address:Zhengzhou Garden North Road and Lianhuo expressway intersection 1 km west henan Auto Trade Center (Subway Line 2 Jinda Road station B exit) promotion time from April 01, 2022 to April 01, 2022 Lexus UX EV latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Zhengzhou quotation 300EPure · Yue 362,000 yuan, 40,000 yuan, 32,200 yuan, 300E pure · Enjoy 385,000 yuan, 40,000 yuan, 345,000 yuan