A plan has been issued for the resumption of work and production in Baise, Guangxi

2022-07-20 0 By

Recently, the community transmission chain of the epidemic in Baise City, Guangxi Province has been basically interrupted and social meetings have been virtually eliminated.On February 15, the lockdown was lifted in some counties and districts of Baise, and the local government issued plans to resume work and production.As of 24:00 On February 15, a total of 270 local confirmed cases had been reported in Baise, including 231 in Debao County, 32 in Jingxi, 3 in Youjiang District, 2 in Tianyang District, 1 in Longlin Ethnic Minority Autonomous County, and 1 in Pingguo city.All confirmed cases have been transferred to designated medical institutions for isolation and treatment and are in stable condition.At present, the community transmission chain of baise epidemic has been basically blocked, and social gatherings have been eliminated. The epidemic prevention and control has moved from the community prevention and control stage to the elimination stage.Baise has a total of 45 sealed control areas and 35 control areas. The measures of zoning and grading control should be strictly implemented continuously.On February 15, several counties and districts in Baise lifted lockdown.Day in debao county, guangxi zhuang autonomous region COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control at a news conference, the autonomous region of SARS prevention and control command, control, autonomous region health medical treatment group deputy team leader PangJun deputy director of the committee, said the next stage, will be as a whole pays special attention to debao county in guangxi and other 13 districts and counties, autonomous region, other baise city epidemic prevention and control work,And restore the order of production and life in an all-round and orderly way, and resume work and production in an all-round and orderly way.For baise to return to work rehabilitation work of specific arrangement, vice mayor of baise GuJunYan introduction, according to the requirements of the city of epidemic prevention and control command, all industries and units before the return to work and production and should in accordance with the relevant prevention and control guidelines, strict enforcement of appointment, current limiting, peak demand, earnestly implement the temperature measurement, wearing masks, one-meter line, speed up in order to return to work rehabilitation.Public cultural venues should do a good job of total volume control, time limit and flow according to the actual situation, timely and orderly opening.Hotels, guesthouses and b&Bs (except isolated hotels) should improve their emergency plans and open the rooms at 50% occupancy rate in an orderly manner after lifting control measures, and 75% occupancy rate after 14 days of adjustment.Primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, kindergartens and other institutions can resume school in an orderly manner after strict elimination and evaluation.Bars, chess and card rooms, Internet cafes, KTV and other relatively closed places remain temporarily closed.Welfare institutions, elderly service institutions and mental health institutions will continue to be closed.(Report by Wen Luyi, poster news reporter) Lead editor: Yang Yunge