Jiangyuan District People’s Court launched a campaign to “light up justice with a smile”

2022-07-19 0 By

In order to practice the socialist core values and contribute to the “Smile Jiangyuan” theme activity, jiangyuan District People’s Court carried out the “Light up the judiciary with a smile” activity based on the actual work and the judicial needs of the people in the new era.During the activity, jiangyuan District People’s Court focused on improving the environmental construction of the filing hall, realizing the scientific and humanized filing service, and providing warm and convenient litigation environment and convenient and thoughtful litigation service for the people.Police always smile patiently answer the masses of consultation, do treat the masses “a smiling face, a greeting warm heart”;Provide the client with a chair, a pen, implement the convenience measures to every detail;Carefully care for the public’s expectation of fairness and justice, with polite and meticulous, warm and thoughtful service attitude to create a warm judicial atmosphere;Constantly improve the court’s credibility and social image, with a smile to practice the original aspiration, with a smile to convey warmth, and jointly build a harmonious and beautiful new Jiangyuan.Tang Xiaofei Editor: Xu Yanan/Editor: Zhang Qiuhong/Editor: Peng Xianlin