Harbin will add 990 new car-hailing indexes from Tuesday

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The results of 990 online ride-hailing vehicle capacity indicators in Harbin in 2021 have been published on The 8th, and from the 9th, the winners can officially receive the notification of the signing, and enter the process of transportation qualification and delivery.Harbin city determines that the distribution scope of 990 network reserved taxis in 2021 is platform enterprises with network reserved taxis Operation License issued by the municipal transportation administrative department (except the business premises of the business license is in Songbei District);The vehicle owner of an enterprise or individual that intends to engage in online taxi operation.Harbin Equity Exchange was entrusted by the Municipal Bureau of Transport, on January 26 to 27 for 2021 Harbin network booking taxi capacity quota allocation lottery work, and on February 8 to end the signing results of the public period.From February 9, the platform enterprises and individuals can go to the public building Harbin Equity Exchange window 3, 4 to get the notice of the result of the winning bid.After receiving the results, the platform and the enterprise continue to handle the relevant procedures according to the relevant procedures.Within 90 days after obtaining the Confirmation of the target, the applicant shall purchase a vehicle and submit the application for operation procedures at the window of the Municipal Transportation Bureau on the third floor of the Citizen Building with relevant materials.The traffic administrative department shall issue the “Preliminary Examination Certificate of Online Booking taxi Vehicle” to the applicant after review and approval, and the applicant shall complete the vehicle registration within 30 days with this certificate.After completing the above matters, the applicant shall, within 7 working days, submit the materials required for handling the “Online Booking Taxi Transport Certificate” at the acceptance window of the Municipal Transport Bureau.According to the regulations, those who fail to go through the relevant procedures within the time limit shall be deemed to have given up the operation index of online car hailing automatically and the index shall be taken back.Platform enterprises shall not entrust other platforms to carry out online and offline operation and management after obtaining the indicators of online ride-hailing vehicles. The vehicle registration of online ride-hailing vehicles shall be the same as the name of the proposed vehicle registration when submitting the application, and shall not transfer the operating indicators of online ride-hailing vehicles.After the vehicle owner has obtained the online car-booking quota, the registration of the vehicle shall be consistent with that of the original applicant.Copyright: Reprint in any form without permission is prohibited