Huawei announces important decision, foreign media: Ren Zhengfei is indeed unusual

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Article | C jun – typesetting | C jun original articles, no news headlines, forbidden copying, offenders will investigate huawei published important decision according to the latest data released by huawei, in 2021, huawei’s total annual revenue of 634 billion yuan, from single figures is very large, but compared to 2020 was dropped by 28.9%,That is to say, more than 200 billion yuan was lost, or we can say, maybe the share of lost is far more than 200 billion yuan, because this does not take into account, Huawei itself should grow revenue.After all, the normal run, huawei as the world the most number of communications equipment suppliers in 5 g patent, at the same time because of its communications equipment supply low price than peer Ericsson and nokia on 20% to 40%, so, according to the normal, 5 g of huawei orders should be in the past three years, continue to occupy the position of the world’s first.In addition, as early as 2019 years for the shipments of smartphones is realized for apple, according to the normal development of logic, with HongMeng operating system, the advent of huawei mobile phone sales should continue to expand, business revenue based on the two plates, the normal run of huawei in 2021 revenue should be able to the trillion-dollar mark.However, because since 2019, the western market, a series of non-market, non fair limitations, eventually led to the huawei’s business volume decline, decline in operating income, but even so, still tenacious survival development of huawei, and constantly harvest in recent 5 g order, at the same time in the field of the relevant technology of the smart phone is gained breakthrough.In addition, according to the news on March 14, Huawei Voice community also announced an important decision, that is, from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022, free of rent, rent has been collected will be refunded at the end of March, from April 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022, the rent halved.Ren did not in general and the decision is issued by the founder, ren zhengfei, huawei, for the headquarters in huawei songshan lake areas related to small and medium-sized businesses, is the absolute good, difficult in this special time, huawei’s this behavior, can be said to be able to save a lot of small and medium-sized businesses, let them not be on the verge of collapse.However, it should be understood that Huawei itself is still in a difficult period. When the rent is halved and the related rent is exempted for less than half a year, it will also cause a great loss to Huawei’s revenue. Huawei had no obligation to do this, but Huawei and Ren zhengfei resolutely did it.Faced with this decision, foreign media also commented, “Ren zhengfei is indeed unusual. He is a real entrepreneur who takes care of the business situation of his partners even when the revenue is low.”In fact, there is nothing wrong with this word is really, because normally, the company main business is not like wanda commercial real estate, was small and medium-sized businesses in huawei’s headquarters, also is a kind of cooperative relations, and other technology, the Internet company also did not like huawei, giving merchants related relief operations in the company headquarters,So in essence, Huawei does not need to do this operation, and this operation is entirely out of ren Zhengfei and Huawei’s sense of social responsibility.Summarize, in fact, it is not only in this respect, huawei in assume social responsibility, in the field of technology, huawei build HongMeng operating system, and it is free of charge donated to the open fund atom, open source to HongMeng system, which is in the social sense of responsibility, because it is directly to make up for gaps in the field of mobile operating system in our country,Let our country any smart phone enterprises, household appliances enterprises can have a set of independent controllable operating system.Is also in the field of 5 g, huawei lead the market in our country for the first time in the true sense achieved for beyond Europe and the United States market, make our country did it leads the world in the field of 5 g, it is this kind of behavior, only made the image of the light of “national” huawei, which is why the public wants more huawei at home can be born.Science and technology we media writers interpret different technologies from different perspectives.