Come and experience the luxury and sports of XT4 with Gu Ailing

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On February 8, Gu Ailing won the freestyle ski platform of the Winter Olympic Games.This is Gu Ailing’s first Winter Olympics medal!It is also the third gold medal of The Chinese team in the Beijing Winter Olympics!Gu is super strong, and So is Kady.Cadillac, as a luxury brand car under the United States General Motors Group, has been followed by a large number of fans. With the popularity of SUV among young consumers in China in recent years, Cadillac XT4 also came out.Today xiaobian will bring you the interpretation of the 2022 Cadillac XT4, this car in the end how?The new car has four models to choose from, with a price range of 261,700 to 354,700, and the power of all models upgraded to a 48-volt light mixing system.The appearance of the new car is still family-style design, the front face hides the mesh grille, teary-eye type headlights are highly recognizable.The body has strong lines, creating a hard SUV style. The overall body size is 4600*1881*1627mm in length, width and height, and the wheelbase is 2779mm, consistent with the old model.This top-of-the-line all-wheel-drive model has 245/45 R20 tyres.The standard tyre size is 235/55 R18.The body color can provide bright black, black blue, diamond white, rouge, and this new car two matching colors of silver lime and Moran brown.The interior doesn’t change much from the model 21, with a leather-wrapped three-spoke multi-function steering wheel and an 8-inch built-in screen that still feels like a Cadillac.Inside the car is equipped with leather seats, seat ventilation, massage and memory function, rear head air bags.The comfort of the ride is not bad.Rear row space is about the same as the old model, not rich in the same level.The front suspension adopts Macpherson type independent suspension, and the rear suspension is multi-link type independent suspension, and the conventional model multi-link is 4, and the multi-link of Cadillac XT4 is 5. The hidden part of the work is very solid.The overall tone is more athletic, tight and resilient.In terms of power, all the systems are equipped with 48V light mixing, equipped with 2.0t engine, with peak power of 237PS and peak torque of 350N·m. It is matched with a 9-gear automatic transmission, and the top-matching model is equipped with timely four-wheel drive.This light mixing system is mainly in the starting and overtaking of the motor to provide a certain amount of auxiliary power, can reduce the fuel consumption during acceleration.It also makes the whole driving process more smooth and comfortable.