President: Until she disappeared into his world “I was wrong, I’m sorry, will you come back”

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Hello everyone, I heard that you are short of books again, but you can’t find any novels that you are interested in. Today, I would like to recommend some good novels to you. If you like, don’t miss it!Book shortage quickly collect!President: Until she disappeared in his world “I was wrong, I’m sorry, you come back good” how deep, not into your heart “novel introduction: there is no regret medicine in the world.He and she, destined to brush past, separated forever.Lino had been in love with Leng Feng for ten years and married to each other for seven.”I was wrong, I’m sorry, will you come back…”In this world, not all the wrong are worth to be forgiven, also not all the people can be redeemed……Best clip: “Leng Ran Feng and I filed for divorce. I want to leave.”At two o ‘clock in the night, Luo tianyi was still awake.Linor looked at his “yes” reply and shut off the screen.Lying in the living room, Linno’s energy drained and she sank into a slow sleep.In the dream, lino was walking in a dark locust forest, looking at the night. There was no starlight in the sky, only a full moon.Suddenly, An Yan ghost-like ferocious face appeared in front of Lin Nuo scared to turn around, desperately run, left turn right turn, but no matter how can not get rid of the footsteps behind.An Yan does not know when to appear from the front, the face is not dry blood, smile strange shift.Linor stopped, turned, and ran to the other side.The cold wind’s cold and furious face was upon her, and the dark pupil, trance, was to be one with the night.Within a foot of each other.Cold wind spread his hand, like to embrace her.Linor backed away, terrified to flee.Suddenly Lino woke up.When she opened her eyes, the view from the window came into view: the sun was shining brightly over the vegetation.Linno lay motionless for a moment, closed her eyes, and then, as the unconsciousness began to drag her back into her nightmare, she opened and got up.Lino remembered the night before. His heart was dull again. He clenched his collar and glanced slowly around him.Linor opened her phone, looked at several messages from Luo, and read them word by word: “I take you away, where do you want to go?””What about country M?I have friends there who are well connected, and I’m sure they’ll find the best doctors.””Are you asleep?I’m worried about you.””Don’t be so quick to say no. I won’t leave you alone for the sake of being your best friend for more than 20 years.””When you wake up, give me a call or send me a message, okay?”Ms. Linor smiled, wiped tears from her eyes and texted Ms. Luo: “I’ll go back to my apartment to get something and wait for you in front of the hotel we left last time.””Hear you still love me” novel introduction: season south wind loved Zhang Ning Xuan whole 10 years, but five years ago by Zhang Ning Xuan hurt the heart.Encounter again after 5 years 2 people, season south wind began the road of his crazy vengeance, can wait until finally love to have no way to retreat.Season south wind only to find that he and Zhang Ning Xuan are love in the game of prisoners, his prisoners are like their own Zhang Ning Xuan heart, and Zhang Ning Xuan prisoners is their feelings for the south wind season.Highlights: Finally strong support to see mu Qianxue go far, slowly holding the railings squat down.She believed that her face must not look good, or the people around the south wind sent to the season will not always ask her to go to the hospital.After a while, he slowly stood up and wanted to leave the party.Just around the little girl has been holding the corner, the girl is the season of the south wind sent to a college student, the need for part-time money to feed themselves, listen to the girl said the season of the south wind to the money is very high, enough girls a month of living expenses.See!Ji Nan Feng can always bite her to death, she knows that if sent to the bodyguard she is sure to resist, but if sent to such a fragile little girl she will be sympathetic flood and obedient.See, if she is sun Wukong, then south Wind is Buddha, no matter in the past or now, she always can’t escape from his hands.”I know, let’s go back to the party!””Thank you sister, I thank you on behalf of my eight generations of ancestors.”Zhang Ning Xuan heard this words can not help but burst into laughter with heartache have reduced a few minutes, very lovely reckless girl, a little like her young.When she was this girl’s age she was still in love with nanfeng, right?But let Zhang Ningxuan outside is back to the party but no one, everyone gathered in the garden.The garden has beautiful lighting, many beautiful dolls and many cosply costumes. The Snow White mermaid and princes in the fairy tale are all in reality, which are really creative and familiar.It’s like the proposal she once said.”Know you are in love long in” novel introduction: ex-husband betrayed, boudoir honey superior, overnight home wealth dispersed, father hate and end, a nightmare that can never wake up imprisoned my life.However, Li Beiting sneer, ghostly voice winding in my ear, he said: “As long as obey me, you can help you take back everything you want.”Best clip: “Well, THANK you, Miss Lowe, for reminding me. If he needs anything other than me, you’ll be the first to know.””You!”Luo Anqi’s face was immediately flushed with anger: “I will let him see your hypocrisy!””Thank god, Miss Law.”Luo Anqi was Yin Ran gas away, this kind of high and unworldly big lady, really want to theory with people, I’m afraid the red neck can not say why.I took a sip of the red wine that the sommelier served. It was mellow, not the kind that ordinary people drink.After the dinner, Li Beiting with Yin Ran back to the villa, the housekeeper Zhou Hui rushed to meet, as usual took the li Beiting suit coat, and then told the maids to take care of her.Night gradually deep, Zhou Hui came to knock on the door, said li Beiting called her in the past.In fact, she lived in the time has been muttering, this empty house and she and Li Beiting but also five or six people, the rules is a lot of, what the attic can not go to ah, the bedroom at the end of the second floor and his study can not go ah, also do not know what hidden secret.Into the room, Li Beiting has been wearing loose bathrobe nest on the sofa drinking.Glancing at the bathrobe he had prepared for himself, Yin Ran thought of Yin Zhengtian again and pinched quando: “I’m really not in the mood.””Not you.”Li Beiting did not want to negotiate with her meaning, slender fingers holding the goblet gently shaking, then leisurely sipping a mouthful.Today’s sharing ended here, later will also recommend different types of articles, like reading novels friends, if interested in the collection of attention to me!Rich family abuse love article: “president, in the madam’s relics found, you then sent the pledge of love” Majia article: People thought she was a wench in the countryside welfare institute, who knows her majia all over the world time article: she opened eyes to wear to the seventies, fortunately, there is a magic system in hand, every day there is meat to eat abuse Article:He relied on sleep to love him, to her wanton, and even personally sent her a desperate……Wear book text: she wear into cannon fodder female match, pick up an injured man is actually the book in the big villain!