We will accelerate the construction of a unified national power market system

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Economic Daily Beijing, January 29 – (reporter Gu Yang) The National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Administration recently issued the “On accelerating the construction of a unified national power market system guidance”, aimed at realizing the power resources in a wider range of mutual sharing and optimization of allocation, improve the stability of the power system and flexible adjustment ability,We will promote the formation of new types of power systems that are more capable of absorbing new energy.The Opinions make it clear that by 2025, a unified national electricity market system will be initially completed, the national market will operate in concert with provincial (regional, municipal)/regional markets, the integrated design and joint operation of medium – and long-term, spot and auxiliary service markets of electricity, and the market allocation of cross-provincial and cross-regional resources and the scale of green electricity trading will be significantly improved.A market trading and pricing mechanism conducive to the development of new energy and energy storage has taken shape.By 2030, a unified national electricity market system will be basically completed.The Opinions pointed out that in terms of improving the multi-level unified power market system, it is necessary to speed up the construction of the national power market, steadily promote the construction of the provincial (regional, municipal)/regional power market, guide the coordinated operation of the power market at all levels, and orderly promote the opening and cooperation between the cross-provincial and cross-regional markets.In terms of improving the functions of the unified power market system, it emphasizes to continuously promote the construction of medium and long-term power market, actively and steadily promote the construction of power spot market, continuously improve the power auxiliary service market, and cultivate the market subject of multiple competition.In terms of improving the trading mechanism of the unified power market system, it is required to standardize the basic trading rules and technical standards of the unified power market, improve the power price formation mechanism, do a good job in the efficient connection between market trading and dispatching operation, and strengthen information sharing and disclosure.In building a market mechanism to adapt to the new power system, the Opinions emphasize the need to improve the adaptability of the power market to a high proportion of new energy, establish a generation capacity cost recovery mechanism according to local conditions, explore green power trading, and improve the market trading mechanism of distributed power generation.