Try this if you want to change the situation of being a sucker and a strong ticket seller

2022-07-16 0 By

Why do you often sell strong tickets, but deep set but reluctant to sell, perhaps not your technical level is not good, but a cognitive bias, today Lao Li to share with you years of experience, to change the situation.The way to do it is very simple. Just like it and then scroll down.This method is wrong to be cautious, right to enlarge the pattern.For example, if you have waxing, it will prove that your previous analysis and operation may be correct. In this case, you need to magnify the period, look at the weekly line and look at the daily line instead of focusing on the small period and timeshare change.Because what you might see on the 60 minutes is a break in the trend, but on the daily or weekly lines it is an important support step back.The premise of this method is that you do the right time to enlarge the pattern, enlarge the cycle to look at the plate.But when you have a loss, that you in front of the analysis and operation may have problems, so this time you do not look at the weekly line and daily line support, and to be cautious, if the trend line break 60 minutes, consider unconditional exit.If the back gives good opportunity again, you enter again also is ok, wrong is about to recognize.If you want to change the situation of dead carry, you can try this method, of course, there is no 100% accurate method, for different market trends to take different strategies, want to be able to learn more skills and coping strategies, and to study more.