Skin solid, fuel-efficient, large space, now can also be on the blue card long axis V80 let you save is to earn

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Since the focus interview was exposed in May 2019, “large ton and small standard” has become the hottest word in the field of commercial vehicles.Although it is mainly aimed at the “heavy disaster area” blue light trucks with large and small scales, in the light passenger field, the country has also issued new regulations on blue light trucks, namely, 1. The length of light buses with nine or less seats cannot exceed 5.5 meters;2, more than 5 meters of light passenger rear space from the original can not exceed 30% of the length of the vehicle can not exceed 1.5 meters.In other words, in the future, the length of more than 5.5 meters can easily yellow card light passengers, in the future can only obediently yellow card.Don’t worry, the long axis blue card can also be on the same as the country five cut six, the country also understand that can not be a uniform cut, in the country six switch node after the country five cars in different regions to leave a certain period of sales, and this time many car companies are equivalent to the country five cars in clear inventory, discounted sales.Now the situation may be repeated with the long-axis light passenger.The new regulations of the light passenger Blue brand reserve time for car companies to clear inventory, that is, vehicles that do not meet the requirements of March 1 stop production, production enterprises can apply for delayed sales of inventory cars can be sold until the end of August.After August, when more than 5.5m wide body light customers will not be on the blue card, so now is the best time to buy a V80 long axis.The V80 long-axis version has a maximum of 10.2 cubic meters of ultra-large interior space, which is twice that of the common narrow-body light passenger on the market. Moreover, it has the Shanghai Automobile PI 2.0T single supercharged engine, which not only has a strong power of 330Nm, but also the efficient and economical diesel engine makes the comprehensive fuel consumption of only 8.3L per 100 km.With oil prices soaring, what you save is what you earn.Another 10,000 km/time maintenance interval, you can also save a lot of operating costs.In today’s light passenger field, The chase V series light passenger has been able to break off the level of the traditional light passenger giant Jiangling Ford, in the past 2021, the chase V80+V90 light passenger family annual cumulative sales of 80,701 units, up 35% year on year,It has achieved the “double champion” of single brand sales champion and growth contribution industry champion in the domestic wide light passenger segment market.And V80 with Mr Abhisit, fuel economy and the characteristics of large space is very suitable for as express logistics vehicles, in the domestic jingdong, motion, rookie logistics optimization, for example, in a foreign country such as fedex, Australia post, royal mail postal, Norway, Ireland national postal are many V80 / V90 used to express the quantity or the transport of goods.Speaking of which, for this long axis light guest on the blue card deadline, for this period of time, quick action.