Shanghai: Buddhist temple makes Liuhe Subao to help fight COVID-19 and retain the flavor of New Year

2022-07-16 0 By

China News Network Shanghai On January 29 (reporter Chen Jing)It is a custom for Shanghainese to burn incense, eat vegetarian noodles and ask for a good fortune during the Spring Festival.With COVID-19 prevention and control on a regular basis, how can believers who are not comfortable gathering to eat vegetarian noodles still feel the “Flavor of The New Year” of the temple?During a visit to ten Thousand Buddhas Temple, a famous temple in Shanghai, monks and volunteers were steaming steamed buns.It is reported that in order to prevent and control the epidemic, the Ten Thousand Buddhas Temple will be open to the public with limited access and will not provide meals.During the interview, master Chang, who was making steamed buns, told the reporter: “We prepared liuhe plain buns for the people who came to the temple at the beginning of the year. After the Buddha worship, they can take the plain buns home to taste them, which will not affect the epidemic prevention, but also retain the ‘lunar New Year flavor’.”Ten thousand Buddha Temple told reporters, the New Year steamed stuffed bun, meaning “thriving”.Buddhist temples send blessings to sanitation workers who stick to their posts during the Spring Festival.According to the report, Ten Thousand Buddhas temple specially made liuhe subao this Spring Festival.In addition to green vegetables, there are six vegetarian ingredients including shiitake, mushroom, winter bamboo shoot, dried white bread, gluten and fungus.”There is a saying in Buddhism, ‘Six harmonies and respect’, which means monks can get along with each other in harmony,” explained Master Hui Chan, president of the Buddhist Association of Jiading District and abbot of The Ten Thousand Buddhas Temple in Shanghai.During the Spring Festival, the temple’s steamed vegetable bag is named ‘Liuhe’, which also wishes happiness and beauty to everyone and social harmony.”The buns are all handmade by buddhist monks and volunteers, and more than 10,000 buns are expected to be made.It is reported that in recent days, the master and volunteers are speeding up the production, a piece of plain package exquisite lovely, white fat.Master gives liuhe vegetable bag and eight treasure rice to frontline workers.As the Winter Olympic Games are about to open, temple volunteers have been making steamed stuffed buns with various kinds of food juices and ingredients, making them into five-colored steamed buns and putting out a five-ring pattern to express the joy and expectation of buddhist places welcoming the Winter Olympic Games.Steaming veggie buns represent “prosperity”.Buddhist monks and volunteers of the temple send freshly cooked vegetable bags and homemade eight-treasure rice to jiangqiao Cleaning Co., Ltd. on Sunday to offer their blessings to the sanitation workers during the Spring Festival.”Thank you, Ten Thousand Buddhas temple, for your concern!Eat liuhe bao, the New Year’s day will be more prosperous!””Said master Huang, the group leader.The reporter learned that since 2015, the Ten Thousand Buddhas launched the “Wechat Wishing, Fingertip praying” activity during the Spring Festival every year: every time people send a blessing message on the Ten Thousand Buddhas Wechat praying platform, the temple will donate one yuan, targeted for public welfare and charity, so far has been the eighth year.This year, in order to help prevent and control the epidemic and advocate the custom of the New Year, the temple will open a wechat platform to call on the general public to pray online and make a wish through wechat. The temple will use the funds from the activities for the poverty alleviation work in the corresponding support areas of Jiading District.(after)