Why dongfeng Fengfeng 500 can be widely praised by consumers?Is it safe?Or something deeper?

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Everybody is good!I am the owner of 500 Scenery, from Nanjing, I mentioned the model is “2022 1.5L manual joy “, the purchase price of 60,000, drove 2300 kilometers, the comprehensive fuel consumption of 6.8L, next talk about how good this car is!Last year, I was thinking how nice it would be if I could own a car, but I didn’t even have a driver’s license at that time.Sometimes I have to push myself. I made up my mind to learn how to drive. After several months of driving practice, simulation and tests, I finally got my driver’s license in 2021.Then I immediately began to pay attention to the online car quotation, just learned to drive, want to buy a cheap and cost-effective car to practice.Although there are more people who open automatic gear, BUT I did not do any research at that time directly signed up for manual gear, and I see that manual gear is generally cheaper than automatic gear ten thousand dollars, then I simply buy a manual gear car to practice, the bump will not be too distressed.In addition, the appearance of the scenery 500 car is really long in my aesthetic, so I finally choose this car.The appearance is fashionable and low-key. I like his grid-like front face most. Black gives a mysterious feeling.Needless to say, the appearance is my favorite place. At the beginning, I was attracted by the appearance of 500, and later I learned that it was so cheap, which really impressed me.White exterior, gray interior, this is my Scenery 500.Gray inside a little accidentally dirty is not easy to see, or better to take care of.Its display screen is the kind of display on the table below the two air conditioning outlet, konda outlet is round design, more retro, all angles can be blown to, is really set appearance level and practical design in a body.Never thought a 60,000-plus car would have such a stylish interior design.Three, comfort feeling SUV space is generally very large, but the scenery 500 is a compact SUV, not the size of medium-sized SUV, 438518501645 size in the same level of SUV is not big, but the space utilization rate is in place, in fact, the visual experience is bigger.The second row of seats can be retracted to create a larger trunk.Tools and spare tires are placed under the baffle of the trunk, which does not take up space and does not affect the appearance.And because it is compact, I can park and turn around in the neighborhood a lot more convenient, and the bridge car feel almost the same, but MY car space is much more than a car.The seats are wrapped in soft leather, and the main/passenger seat is very wrapped, so it feels like being wrapped in a chair. It’s very safe to sit in it and drive for hours without feeling too tired.The back of the seat is still a small distance from the back of the front seat, the second row passengers do not feel squeezed oppression, can easily stretch their legs.I only got my driver’s license last year. I learned to drive with manual transmission. I’m used to driving with manual transmission.1.5L natural inhalation to meet my usual commute, pull a little thing is not a word, take a few people also need not say more.Multi-functional steering wheel design is very humanized, it is possible to drive the school car touch more, 500 this tens of thousands of dollars of car, I can also open a sense of superiority.Steering is still very accurate, no false positives.Reversing image this configuration is really too convenient, in the car can observe the road behind the car, no longer afraid of hitting the flower bed, but also reduce my reversing time.In terms of fuel consumption, the car fuel consumption of manual gear is relatively low, although the power is general but it is really fuel saving, I think I bought the scenery 500 cost-effective.1. Highlights of this car.What I like the most is the appearance of this scenery 500. The elegant white color is combined with the swooping body, which is stylish and sporty.The black grid-like front face is recognizable as an inverted trapezoid.There is the red decorative strip under the front face, inlaid among them, making the white body more rich layering sense, mixed with think think nifty, low-key but not old.2. Deficiencies.As for the new car, I don’t have any complaints. If there are any complaints, why do I choose to buy this car?Who wants to pay to suffer?When I first bought it, the inside of the car smelled a lot of leather, but later on the road to open more Windows for ventilation, a bit of smell is inevitable, if THE SSSS store gave me a tasteless car, I still wonder if it is a new car, or put on display car showroom.I’m not sitting there all day being touched and stomped on.3. Is it worth it?In general, I bought the Dongfeng 500 cost performance is still very high, manual gear is cheaper than automatic gear ten thousand dollars.Spend tens of thousands of dollars can have a high level of appearance, large space, transport tools, really very cost-effective, it is said that they are the brand of cars are seven years 150 thousand kilometers of super warranty, car or more secure.