When the tree falls, the monkeys scatter!Just after the death of Lam Kun-hai, the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party (DPP) jumped ship

2022-07-15 0 By

According to Taiwan media reports, Lin Kunhai, spiritual leader and chairman of Sanli, the second largest faction of the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party, “Chung Yan Hui”, died yesterday. The future trend of the “Chung Yan Hui” has attracted much attention, and it is even reported that wang Dingyu, the convenor of the faction, and Zhao Tianlin, the decision-making committee member, are competing with each other, and there is a tide of jumping ship.However, Zhao Tianlin pointed out today that “Yong Yan Hui” is a collective leadership, shared responsibility, not absolute authority, no one can not do without each other, and there is no dispute with Wang Dingyu or parting ways;Zhao tianlin said with a laugh, “Wang dingyu was elected as a convenor when he was late, just like being elected as a monitor when he was the last person to enter the classroom.”Zhao tianlin said that after the “Shanghai Group” was transformed into the “Yong Yan Hui”, Hai Dong accepted the establishment of the Qingzhuang faction and stepped back into a pure media operator.After two years of transformation, “Yong Yan Club” operates independently, including finance and decision-making, and the Hai Dong does not intervene except to sponsor activities such as running a team. Although the Hai Dong is the closest person to them, “Yong Yan Club” is not under the command of hai Dong, nor is it a consultant.Zhao Tianlin said, “chung will” by wang ting-yu today as the convener of tainan supervision, decision-making committee has him, and he posts, Lin Chuyin, RuanZhaoXiong and others, the whole machine to put 20 new running counties and cities, in Taipei, the new north, taoyuan, hsinchu, taichung, changhua, tainan and kaohsiung, are the convener and decision-making committee is collective burden funds, auxiliary selection, etc.,They will learn from each other to win elections, and recently they will set up a think tank.As for “legislators” to YingXi before ms kuan, the future has been questioned over the death of hai dong have jumped ship, Zhao Tianlin also explained, “mother” is one of the spiritual leader, was not involved in decision making, in “chung will” is a consultant nature, because YingXi department tsai ing-wen, “mother” more hope to join after policy discussions, but the party elections were followed “chung will”, dong also close to the sea.Zhao tianlin responded that since Hai Dong’s death, there has been a “tide of jumping ship”, which is misinformation.