Our province township animal husbandry and veterinary station upgrade project has been launched

2022-07-15 0 By

On March 24, the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs jointly held the commencement ceremony of “Animal Epidemic Prevention System construction in Xining City, Qinghai Province (Huangzhong District) Township Veterinary Station Upgrading and Renovation Project”, marking the official start of the township animal husbandry and veterinary station construction project in our province.The project covers 52 township veterinary stations in Xining City. After completion, it can effectively improve the capacity of animal disease diagnosis and control, epidemic monitoring and disease disposal at the grass-roots level, which is of great significance to the construction of biological safety barrier and the protection of people’s health and public health safety.It is reported that since last year, our province invested 200 million yuan in Xining, Haidong to build, rebuild and expand 145 township animal husbandry and veterinary stations.This year, it will invest 83.4 million yuan to build 57 animal husbandry and veterinary stations in townships and six prefectures in pastoral areas, and eight harmless collection sites for sick and dead livestock and poultry, which will continue for three years.This is the first multi-channel, large investment and full coverage construction for township animal husbandry and veterinary stations in our province, which will further consolidate the foundation of animal epidemic prevention at grass-roots level, fundamentally improve the facilities conditions at grass-roots level, and promote animal epidemic prevention, quarantine and detection, and biosafety management to a new level.