Epidemic prevention policy must not be “layer upon layer”!Here comes the latest official response

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As the Spring Festival is drawing near, epidemic prevention and control requires not only intensity and speed, but also temperature and precision.Photo taken on Jan. 29, 2019 shows the joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council at a press conference.Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Liu Zhenke) What are the “layer upon layer” measures for returning home for the Spring Festival?How to ensure the public’s daily medical care during the festival?How does the holiday market stay well supplied?Under the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council, a press conference was held on Thursday to respond to hot issues of public concern.The epidemic is generally stable. Sporadic sporadic outbreaks continue to occur internationally, and the number of passengers during the Spring Festival travel rush in China has increased. What is the overall epidemic situation in China?In the past week, more than 23 million new COVID-19 cases were confirmed worldwide, and nearly 90% of them were the Omicron variant strain, according to Mi Feng, spokesperson for the NHC.China is under increasing pressure to prevent imports from abroad.He Qinghua, a first-level inspector with the NHC disease Control and Prevention Bureau, said the local epidemic is sporadic but generally stable.Some local clusters of epidemic cases in some regions have been extinguished, while others are being handled in an orderly manner.Among them, the related epidemic occurred in Fengtai, Beijing on January 18 affected five provinces, which are in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control.He Qinghua said that in order to ensure the smooth overall national epidemic situation during the Spring Festival, the national health committee, on the basis of existing work, SARS occurred decisive disposal will focus on instruction, strengthen the key sector risk hidden during Spring Festival, to strengthen the duty unattended, provide guidance as a whole to do during the Spring Festival epidemic prevention and control and the masses to return.”In accordance with the requirements and deployment of The State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism, local governments should earnestly carry out epidemic prevention and control and people’s return to their hometowns during the Spring Festival, and should not ‘arbitrarily increase’ or ‘layer upon layer’ on the basis of existing policies.”He qinghua said.With the outbreak of the epidemic in some areas and the Spring Festival holiday, can local people get medical treatment on a daily basis?Xing Ruoqi, deputy director of the NHC’s medical administration bureau, said the NHC has made relevant arrangements to ensure normal medical services for the public during the holiday, especially for the treatment of critically ill patients. First, the NHC has made reasonable arrangements for medical services and is on duty.All medical institutions are required to make arrangements for medical services during the holiday, and take the initiative to release diagnosis and treatment information to the public, so as to ensure that emergency services are open 24 hours a day, and there shall be no suspension or refusal of treatment.At the same time, key posts will be appropriately staffed and Internet medical services will be provided.Second, to ensure the medical needs of acute and critically ill patients and special groups.All regions should open green channels for patients with acute and critical diseases, focus on protecting the medical needs of patients with major diseases and special groups such as pregnant women, children and the elderly, and issue long-term prescriptions for patients with chronic diseases that meet the requirements.Third, medical services in affected areas should be refined.The operation mechanism of medical service management under emergency condition should be improved in the control area and containment area.Establish a ledger for key groups, clarify the requirements and procedures of medical service security for acute and critical diseases, tumors, middle and end-stage kidney disease, pregnant women, chronic patients with long-term medication, etc.For containment personnel, control personnel and quarantined personnel to go out for medical treatment in an emergency, special cars are required to provide point-to-point pickup service, and closed-loop management is implemented.The Spring Festival holiday is a peak season for consumer spending.What measures will the government take to ensure the market for daily necessities during the festival?Ding Shuwang, second-level inspector of the Department of Market Operation and Consumption Promotion of the Ministry of Commerce, said that many regions have launched the launch of meat and vegetable reserves to increase market supply during the festival.Mofcom and relevant departments will coordinate epidemic prevention and control and market supply protection, guide enterprises to open for business, strengthen supply organization, and invigorate the festival market.”Before the holiday, grain and oil prices were generally stable, meat, poultry and eggs prices fluctuated slightly, and vegetable prices rose.”Ding shuwang judged that the overall consumption market during the festival will continue to maintain a stable situation, and the supply of daily necessities will be fully guaranteed.