Didi’s layoffs give entrepreneurs 1 billion yuan of entrepreneurial space

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Didi was founded in 2012. In fact, didi is considered to be the giant of the future, competing with Jingdong and Taobao. People are very optimistic about Didi.Didi Chuxing but didi decision makers.Let’s not talk about the decisions of entrepreneurs or what’s wrong with the country.Entrepreneurship and operation alone.Chengwei’s initial investment in 200000, is said to have put the drops the most original research and development operations, this is the Internet startup rebellious the heroes of The Times, have to admire his boldness and vision, this is a player, the 200000 enterprises set up into the big MAC, but as long as the accurate market positioning, platform loss probability is small, plus have the funds blessing,It’s growing up too fast.This is also a wave of entrepreneurs indomitable.Therefore, we must not take colored eyes on entrepreneurs, failure to treat them well.They do try.First of all, as an entrepreneur, Cheng Wei as the leader of the year and Wang Xing have a fight, that is to say, the character of success has been.Dare to fight, dare to fight, do not fear defeat.This is the heroic feelings of entrepreneurs.If you are an entrepreneur, do you have that spirit?At that time, when we created didi, we could not see the future. Although the orange lamp was on, we felt very confused. Why?The national policy is there to take it. Taxi drivers have blocked Didi for a long time, and the death of a stewardess in the middle of the journey is a fatal blow to Didi.When Didi got the investment, it expanded crazily and invested 1 billion yuan. Finally, it worked. 80% of the country’s rivers and lakes are didi.Even after didi was removed, it was used by more than 20 million users every day.That’s what we got for $1 billion.From beginning to end, I feel drops have been made, the fundamental policy in disregard, a taxi is a containment, start disapproved drops to solve the problem, the second is actually want to make friends platform, the driver inside the part quality bad, casual comments passengers, and even take photos, in the same group share, gone bad, causing drops a taxi platform platform top should also find their own reasons.Under pressure, the feature was removed.Then there was the flight attendant hijacking, but Didi did a good job of meeting the requirements, which is a model for other travel apps to follow.Finally, it went public quietly in the United States, which really touched the bottom line. The decision makers were a little bold and took the safety of the Chinese people too seriously.In any case, didi layoffs signal, I feel that a large number of Didi drivers will lose their jobs, the travel industry will be reshuffled.There’s so much going on in this industry, so much competition, maybe there’s something behind it.But in any case, if Didi does step back, other mobility apps, such as tick-tock apps, are likely to emerge.The three countries are fighting again.For us ordinary entrepreneurs have the opportunity to take?I am a project operation planner, so today we focus on whether there are opportunities for us entrepreneurs?Didi layoffs are not necessarily a good thing, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to have the opportunity.There are three points.First point: as the idle rate of domestic cars increases, there will be many people looking for jobs on the market.Further wage cuts are likely.So if you want to do it, you can start a business for them to find a job in the driver industry, and charge a service fee and so on.Second point: a large number of employees who have been laid off have some capital in hand, which can guide them to start a business and invest. They also see the power of capital and the opportunity of starting a business. Therefore, they can make friends with some of the groups and invite them to join in, because they have strong operational experience.The third point: which is the most important point, entrepreneurs can make a connection a taxi all software platform, call resources sharing, is now in The Three Kingdoms period, each platform without feeling, people looking for cars, car to, many are not, then through integration of resources, do a bridge, let them each other up, this despite the difficulty, but absolutely can do, reduce resource waste.The above is some of my personal experience, Didi layoffs, there are advantages, but also disadvantages, you can take questions to discuss, layoffs to the individual, society will bring what results, what will happen, welcome to comment.