“Wear a book I became a wicked girl match” she dressed as evil sister, was sick Jiao brother black married strong

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Hello everybody baby hello, are you in the situation of book shortage recently, do not know what to read?Today recommended, can be described as my heart love!!I believe you will like it!Words don’t say much, start ~ today small make up recommend to everybody: “wear a book of I became evil female match” she wear evil younger sister, be sick jiao elder brother black change strong marry # refuse book shortage # first: “wear a book of female match a little panic” author: Yun Hsien Xi introduce: once pass through into a book of female match.She wanted to avoid the guy and the guy, but everyone wouldn’t let go of her.If you can’t hide it, just face it, because she’s a goldfinger anyway.It’s just…Isn’t this the mysterious boss from the book?How can you keep an eye on yourself?Pit guide: “You roll!From now on you have nothing to do with the Xia family!””Miss Xia, every man for himself and the devil takes the hindmost. Since the young masters of the Cheng family want to kill you, we have to obey. There is a wrong and a debt and a master.’You bitch!Incredibly dare to hurt static yan, she is so weak and good, how can you bear!Since you are so short of men, I will naturally fulfill you!””I am dead!It won’t make it easy for all of you!”.Torn shirts, men with hideous faces, parents with vague but indifferent faces, and the figure struggling in the flames.By the end of the sad and harsh voice alive woke up, Xia Anshu suddenly sat up from the hospital bed, rapid breathing, good long time, just cover the heart beating more than crazy, looked around the scene.White sheet and white wall, familiar place let Xia anshu finally had a few minutes of peace of mind, the wound on the forehead has been wrapped.She wondered, as if she had passed through?And a book?The kind of tragic and sad and harsh mood in the dream seems to affect her, let her feel that the whole person even breathing is bitter, now she is Not Xia Anshu Xia Anshu.Did not pass through she is a well-off little nurse, shuttle in three points a line every day, through after she is a big family daughter miss, but from the dream to know what is going to happen, Xia Anshu wry smile, she would rather she is just a well-off little nurse.The original reception encountered that crying woman called Lin Jing Yan, is the heroine of the book.The book is also funny, a little nurse to recommend is a hospital, a woman with names like themselves, strongly recommended, Xia Anshu looked, felt exceptionally hot eyes, because that is a through novels that were not happened improper relationship between Japanese and good people, the emotional cleanliness Xia Anshu sick for several days,For the so-called female xia anshu nature is sympathetic, see behind the female with tragic death, Xia Anshu can no longer see it.But at that time, only is the story, such as real became Xia Anshu, immersive empathy that dream let Xia Anshu cannot easily, and now she through to time nor too, this time she had found her fiance Cheng Cong and Lin yan happened relationship, so the reception is really Xia Anshu to find faults with Lin yan.No wonder Lin Jing Yan’s friends were so hostile to her.Oh, no! It’s hard to stay out of this now!Is thinking, heard the door of the ward “bang” was kicked open, and then see a eyebrows sharp, facial features of the man rushed in, behind the little nurse a face difficult color catch up.”Mr Cheng, Mr Cheng, the patient did not wake up, please……”The words of small nurse haven’t say that finish, be by the man fierce ha 1: “roll out!”A small nurse surprised, looked at the bed on xia Anshu, hesitant to go, after all, she can not afford to.Xia Anshu reputation in the past, looking for memory to know this is Cheng Cong, the first male protagonist in the novel, as Xia Anshu’s fiancee, but fell in love with Lin Jing Yan, even in the engagement party, to Xia Anshu embarrassed man.Xia anshu has no love for such a man.”You…”Introduction: After wearing the book, Jiang Xiaoqian finds himself not only married, but also married Mary Sue’s hero dada.After becoming a heroine, jiang Xiaoqian she can’t spend the money, play not over the face, but the men scolded greatly.Should be happy happiness of the dog blood of life, but, she accidentally go awry plot.Into the pit guide: Jiang Xiaoqian thought a lot, for their own future advice.To be sure, she didn’t like the hero, and she wasn’t interested in following the script.Still have to find a suitable reason, leave early return both sides freedom, she really don’t want to walk Mary Sue female main dog blood life!But until then, she still needs to disguise, do not let the male hero discover her change.Who knows which will come first, ‘fall in love with a fresh, unpretentious woman’ or ‘Send to the lab for an autopsy.’Well, let her think about what she would do and say…Brother Huo ~ I got a prize again ~ brother Huo ~ can you be reasonable ~ brother Huo ~ There are ants, I am so afraid ~ Jiang Xiaoqian: “…”Heart aches!Female Lord your person set is not a bug!?Is it too toxic?Can she fake it?I think she has an eight-figure allowance on her bank card.She can do it. She can fake it….When Huo Bai-Zhan woke up, it was nearly midnight. Jiang Xiaoqian had fallen asleep with a silly white sweet smile. He resisted the impulse to wake her up and went to the sofa to sit there.Huo, who ended his single life overnight, has been thinking a lot about his future.Anyway, he did not like that woman, but was forced to get married by his own mother, mother at ease he is troubled.Away from is inseparable, just wait for Jiang Xiaoqian does not like him, should give the benefits of good get together good leave!Think clearly, the headache huo Bai-cham fell on the sofa to rest.The next morning.Jiang Xiaoqian woke up naturally, sat up from the luxurious bed, finally saw the room hundreds of flat, from here to the toilet must run, this is probably the happiness of the rich?How surprising is Jiang Xiaoqian? Does she have to be chauffeur-driven everywhere she goes?Poof, suddenly I am happy with myself.Jiang xiaoqian happily ran to the bathroom, watching their Own Mary Sue female standard with god.٩(danjun ❛ᴗ❛ danjun) P is also very good-looking, with a somewhat cameo appearance.Fortunately, she did not have the legend of colorful long hair, happy is straight angry is curly, ruby like pupil, tears will change out of the diamond what destroyed three view, ginger xiaoqian she grateful.Wait for her to pack up good come out, that likes to say the bully president already awake, sit there on the sofa, look faint glance at her.Jiang Xiaoqian in mind do not collapse people set, she can!”Hey, good morning, Brother Huo!” Jiang Xiaoqian ran over, with the most greasy smile on her face. She must be the most dutiful Mary Sue heroine!Huo Bai-Zhan’s eyes were full of black. He looked at jiang with a radiant face coldly and gnashed his teeth vaguely: “Hum, I slept well.””Sleeping on your bed is certainly very good ~” Hooper Cham’s face is darker, yes, it is clearly his bed, but he can not sleep!Silently swallow angry words, the end is the president high Cold fan.He is the president of Huo’s group, forcing the case how can lose, and thought of his parents to the death of the command, grumpy said: “someone will come to dress for you, to meet my parents, what to say you know?”(Click on the following link to read the novel.)”Wear books I became evil female match” she dressed into evil sister, was sick jiao brother black strong married Lu Tingye suddenly walked forward, Zhao Shengsheng looked at so close to Lu Tingye, thinking, wow, how can this man grow so handsome, also bring noble and elegant temperament, ah ah ah ah, to go crazy.”You’d better sit tight till after the wedding, and then we’ll all be free.”Into the pit guidelines: when she woke up, suddenly saw a shadow figure “oh, ghost!” she screamed “noisy dead, shut up” shadow suddenly open, Zhao Sheng sheng quickly reached to turn on the room lights, see the eyes of people, wow, good handsome, this is Mary Sue inside of that kind of figure long the handsome and nice men, that a dress to see the two big handsome boy,But who is this man, although long so handsome, but exudes a cold breath.”Who are you, standing here all of a sudden? Do you know how scary people will be to the death?” Zhao Shengsheng questioned the man in front of him, “Lu Tingye”.Lu Tingye looked at the woman in front of him with a bored look on his face. “I hope you can be discreet in what you do. If it weren’t for your grandfather, do you think I would put up with you till now?”Lu Ting Ye said leisurely.”If there is the next time, I will directly send you to prison” Zhao Shengsheng, surprised at him, what ghost to send her to prison, and then think again, it is really she drove the Qin Yueyer bump, people investigate, really can let him do prison.”There won’t be a next time,” she made a lovely and pathetic appearance.Lu Tingye looked at her, thinking that she would not be thinking about what ghosts.Lu Tingye suddenly walked forward, Zhao Shengsheng looked at lu Tingye so close, thinking, god, how can this man be so handsome, but also bring their own noble and elegant temperament, ah ah ah ah ah, to crazy.”You’d better settle down a little bit, after the wedding, so we are free” “You hurriedly call grandpa, good talk” Lu Tingye left this sentence she also a face meng forced expression sitting on the sickbed heard zhang’s mother’s voice.”Miss, I think I just saw Mr. Lu.” “…””Could be the man told him to come back, the old man heard your things, for a while, I almost fell ill” Zhao Sheng sheng remember grandpa lu for the owner of the best people in the world because of its original owner grandpa and grandpa is comrade lu the difference between life and death, its original owner, grandpa died before the owner had entrusted to the grandpa, lu lu to see grandpa owner had poor and don’t have a close relatives, so special pet her,She and Lu Tingye also made a marriage contract.Now think, the original owner is by the love of grandpa Lu, just do evil.Zhang, called grandpa’s lu: can you help me? “” good” Zhang Ma took out a mobile phone, call the Lu Zhai, someone answer up after a while, and then Zhang Ma handed the phone to her, she heard the sound of a grandpa lu “small sheng, young sheng, your body how ah, have on time eat” in real life, Zhao Sheng sheng never feel grandpa’s love, hear that.Suddenly she began to SOB replied “lu grandpa, I’m fine, is miss you, I want to go home to see you get well soon” “small sheng, grandpa miss you too, but grandpa body inconvenience, can’t see our little sheng, hope small sheng don’t be angry,” “no, little sheng won’t be angry, do you want to take good care of the body” Zhao Sheng sheng told the into the phone.Then the telephone spread the voice of grandpa lu again “ye have to see you today” “ye elder brother, he came to see me” Zhao Sheng sheng smiled and answered the telephone.”That is good, a Ye this child from small to big is so cold temper, wait for you to come back from the hospital, I let him early your wedding to do” “……”Zhao suddenly didn’t know what to say when Grandpa Lu’s voice rang again on the other end of the phone, telling her to have a good rest and eat on time. She had to answer them one by one, and finally the old man hung up.(Click the link below to read the novel) The above is all the novels introduced to you today, if you like it, hurry to read it, don’t forget to bookmark and share!She returned to 80 and became a pregnant military wife. Her husband was a Wolf warrior in the military entertainment circle. “Pet Wife: President Ao Jiao, calm down!”Husband, someone said I was a mistress!”Black change cousin too terrible” she wears vicious female match, depend on a person, but be black change cousin to mark “space medicine female” after being reborn, she develops herbal medicine in jade pei space, take small milk baby rush to be well off “pet a wife without limit: Li Little honey love delicate wife” he proudly unruly point to her to say: I want her only!