Castle peak buried loyal bones!Four scattered burial martyrs moved “home”

2022-07-14 0 By

On January 29, a ceremony was held in Yidu, Hubei province to move the graves of scattered martyrs to the park. The coffins of four revolutionary martyrs who died in different periods were moved to the Yidu Martyrs Cemetery for burial, in order to comfort the martyrs’ souls and promote the spirit of martyrs.On the same day, yicheng related leaders and some volunteer representatives with great respect, played and sang the national anthem, bowed to the monument of revolutionary martyrs in silence, offered flowers, in memory of the martyrs.Since Last August, according to the requirements of “Hubei Province to carry out the management and protection of martyrs memorial facilities at the county level and below”, yidu Procuratorate and Yidu Veterans Affairs Bureau jointly carried out the martyr memorial facilities management and protection of public interest litigation within the city range.In view of the problems of tomb damage, poor environment, and lack of management and protection in some scattered martyrs’ tombs discovered in the early stage, the bureau of Veterans affairs of Yidou city issued a pre-prosecution recommendation, requiring it to perform its duty of management and protection of martyrs’ memorial facilities strictly in accordance with the law.After receiving the procuratorial advice before litigation, city veterans affairs bureau attaches great importance to and strictly carry out the special operation requirements, positive for funds, in accordance with the principle of moved should do, under the supervision of the procuratorial organs, buried Wang Weiheng, Sun Dianxu etc four original scattered in all the towns migrated to at the tomb of the revolutionary martyr cemetery for centralized buried and management.The person in charge of the Yidu City Procuratorate said that Qingshan had the honor to bury the bones and the souls of the martyrs. Asking the martyrs to go home and let them rest in peace is the best way to remember history, remember the martyrs and comfort the souls of the martyrs. It is also the best embodiment of carrying forward the spirit of the martyrs and inheriting the red gene.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.