Along with the sharp PLUS, longitudinal travel border, “sharp” can not be blocked

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Sharp “can not block, safe travel, let the driver more comfortable, family more assured!When the appearance of the atmosphere meets intrepid strength + trend vanguard technology will wipe out what kind of spark?See how ruijie PLUS stands tall in the middle and large SUV!Spring refresh activity launched special exclusive car courtesy: chun yao car gift: a car that send based traffic statue of yao’s first owner life free replacement gift: replacement customers enjoy the highest 12000 yuan replacement subsidies and yao maintenance gift: a car that send the first owner three times in three years based maintenance free weekend our more rich and colorful interactive games, to participate in the sweepstakes everyone, we are waiting for you!Ruijie PLUS redefines the American tough guy with face and arrogance. Now cars have become part of social life, and it is particularly important to have a decent enough car that can Hold the court.The Ruijie PLUS is a powerful American SUV, with a hexagonal grille that continues the family design language and is embellished with chrome trim strips.The whole series of standard LED headlights, “eyes” quite a deterrent, the overall feeling is tough atmosphere., of course, had the face to pay more attention to the connotation, the current technology has become a trend in vehicle essential elements, from the design level, the edge PLUS standard unique 21 inches large double screen, at the same level combined with the mixture of interior color, the overall look or have a certain sense of atmosphere science and technology, otherwise the Danish national brand B&O sound, whole vehicle up to 12 speakers,It’s also a nice plus for those looking for audio-visual enjoyment, an immersive audio-visual experience