Zhang ziyi didn’t go out with Wang Feng on Valentine’s Day. She ate tuna dumplings at home!

2022-07-13 0 By

Wang Feng is a little too real!On such a romantic day as Valentine’s Day, Zhang Ziyi is busy making dumplings with her father in the kitchen, while Wang Feng is doing nothing, swinging leisurely, swinging past, my uncle’s temperament is held dead!It is reported that this year’s Valentine’s Day, Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng did not go out to enjoy the two of them, but with her family, at home eating tuna dumplings, looking at Ziyi busy figure without makeup, netizens have sighed: no matter how cattle duan, back home is still plain life.Nevertheless, it is said that in those days the relation of Wang Feng and old father-in-law is not quite good, look to have become an organic whole nowadays, how is peak elder brother done after all?