Yangjuan town, Yu County, Hebei province, carried out “charity to send warmth and love to the society” heart-inch grass service activities

2022-07-13 0 By

Recently, in order to practice practical activities for the people, to send warmth, offering love, Hebei Yu County Yangjiu town in tile House village to carry out “charity to send warmth and love to society” heart-grass service activities.The event is divided into two parts: free clinic and dumpling making.Liu Yan, vice president of the second branch of Yu County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, led the business backbone to measure blood sugar and blood pressure for the elderly over 75 years old, to answer the health problems related to diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases for the elderly in detail, and give them reasonable medication suggestions.At the same time, we began to make dumplings in full swing, mixing stuffing, kneading dough, rolling skin, making dumplings, all skilled, in a short time, more than 1500 fat dumplings filled with dumplings plate.The dance team also presented wonderful cultural performances for the elderly.The stage show colorful, under the old people see with relish, during the old man sent watermelon, banana.Dumplings cooked, thick friendship with dumplings bursts of fragrance in the air, the old people eating hot dumplings, face permeated with a happy smile.Yang family town will be based on “I do practical things for the masses” activities, vigorously carry out warm service activities, let love pass civilization, let dedication practice responsibility, make party members and cadres really learn history of understanding, learning history of credit, learning history chongde, learning history of practice, let the love of party members and cadres hold up the people’s hope for a better life.