Slam Dunk master in the face of ling Nan’s counterattack, flow of sichuan Maple layout to tanoka feel terrible

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Dunk high hands fairy way ever staged fairy way script, almost let the animal, if the animal was not timely detected, let fairy way into 2+1, Ling nan can complete the reversal, beat hainan.However, In the match between Xiangbei and Lingnan, Rukawa Maple also had similar performance. Of course, the implementation of Rukawa Maple’s script was not in such a crisis situation. At that time, Xiangbei was still ahead and there was enough time, so his decision, although radical, was high risk accompanied by high returns.To put it simply, the situation at that time was that He was replaced by Taoka after four mistakes. Taoka intended to let Him play again in the last five minutes of the game. Without taoka, taoka had to hope that Sendo and Afu could keep the score up.But it backfired ah, xiangbei more and more play, ling nan close to xiantao has been unable to stop, seeing the team will be crushed, Tanoka can only risk, let the fish live in advance, this move is a high risk.Yu has at least two actions, in the foul and not foul critical point, as long as he was sent off, then lingnan there is no possible upset.Fortunately for Ling Nan, the fish live hold hold of the referee’s penalty scale, so on the pitch, played a great role, with him, sendao can finally devote himself to the attack.During that time, the reason that ling nan can achieve more, to narrow the gap quickly, before it xiangbei offense is too smooth, some of the tail, and find a familiar rhythm is ling south, is the whole team defensive intensity and offensive sendoh fish live phooey, three people with smooth, easy tear the opponent’s defence.This mode was the key for Lingnan to suppress Hainan at the beginning of the Battle of Lingnan.Therefore, the lingnan team suppressed by Xiangbei began to attack, and this time, because of the absence of anxi coach, Akagi did not timely think of countermeasures, xiangbei momentum was pressed down, the difference was gradually reduced.At that time, the most not panic in Northern Hunan should be Sakuragi and flow of maple these two guys, after all, in their eyes, do not know how to fear two words to write.First stand out is the flow of sichuan Maple, in fairy way to complete the dunk, the difference will be reduced to 8 points, he took his time to tell fairy way, playing is not arithmetic, this is the flow of sichuan Maple to fairy way issued the battle will.Flukawa Maple forced a breakthrough, but not completely out of fairy way, the fish came to help the defense, two people jump together, in an attempt to stop flukawa Maple shooting.At that moment, everyone said that Flukawa Maple too rampant, forced action, it is suicidal low-level behavior.But Kaede Rukawa just hit, this picture, reminds me of the national competition, Jersey north put into the yamagata king’s last shot, is under the defense of Kaede Rukawa and Akagi, shot, the two pictures together, also makes people a little trance.Whether is liuchuan maple is once north Jersey, or liuchuan maple will become north Jersey as a ruthless role.In any case, Kato Rukawa’s attack shocked the crowd, and he, like Sakuragi, defied common sense, or, to use the popular phrase, “their rules are the rules.”At that time Tanoka also can’t help but behind the cold sweat ah, because Flow kawasaki maple in the shooting at the same time, but also intentionally lure fish live foul, which is more adverse to the ling Nan than scored a goal.Kaede Rukawa scored the tricky goal to increase the lead to 10 points, but the best decision for Rukawa was to draw a foul.As you can imagine, if at that time liuchuan Maple caused the foul of the fish, then the fish will leave the field five offenses, which is how big a blow to Lingnan.Just recover some score, liuchuan Maple gave them a blow, no fish to live, lingnan defense left a big hole, red wood will not polite, lingnan who can not stop him.And once Lingnan’s main energy is invested in the defense, then Xiandao will be very difficult in the offensive end, that game, Xiangbei took the advantage of the score, so drag, consumption of time, Lingnan can only accept the outcome of chronic death.After that, there was no problem that the elements of unrest in Northern Hunan were exposed successively, because lingnan’s problems were bigger and more deadly, so Liuchuan Maple was calm enough and ruthless enough. That attack, he almost found a way to kill lingnan, but failed to achieve it.​