Make a deal!Manchester City confirmed 150 million euro star!Also interested in poaching Arsenal’s star player

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In the past transfer window, unlike some of the big clubs who have made big signings, City appear to be quite stable.They seem to have a clear approach to their transfer operations and everything is going according to plan.On the transfer front, the team also received a hefty transfer fee when ferran Torres, a keen transfer, was allowed to leave.City have not made any blind moves in terms of player acquisition either, with alvarez, the league’s top scorer, not playing for the club this season.Overall, The impression of City in the transfer window is that they have a plan.Guardiola’s side can certainly afford to be so calm, given the quality of their team and their performances this season.In the league, Manchester City have been the team in best form for some time.Almost no team has been able to stop them during this stretch.They almost have a double-digit lead in the championship.With about 15 league games to go, their chances of winning the title are very high.Manchester City are expected to put this season’s title race out of the question after five games of the season.Of the next five opponents, Tottenham and Manchester United are without doubt the toughest.If City can tackle these two tough teams and pick up around 13 points from five games, their dominance will be hard to shake.With a clear advantage in the league, the team has also begun to work on the renewal of some key players.This season, if one were to look for the best player in the squad so far, it would be Rhodri, Bernardo Silva, Cansello and others.But when it comes to looking for a player who has surprised his team the most this season, bernardo Silva deserves the prize.The Portugal international was on the verge of leaving the club before the season.However, he has emerged as the team’s best player on both ends of the floor this season after staying with the team.In the league, he made 22 appearances, starting all of them, and was one of the team’s highest attendance figures.He is the team’s top scorer with seven league goals and one assist and has been named man of the match four times.In terms of performance, Bernardo Silva’s impact on the team is more than just goals and assists.Although the physical condition is average, but Bernardo Silva is the most positive attitude on the field, the greatest range of players.In attack, he can frequently change positions with foden, Jesus, deBraunay and other players in front of the court, and appear in every corner of the front court. He can complete 1.9 passes per game on average, make 1.6 key passes, and can seize 63 percent of the goal opportunities.In defense, he spared no effort. After the team lost the ball, he always made the first closing interception. He could finish 1.8 steals per game, ranking the third in the team, which is very rare for a front-court player.Manchester City are understood to have started talks with Bernardo Silva over a new contract.With both sides interested in renewing their contracts, it seems only a matter of time before a formal agreement is reached.But while guardiola’s “wingless” system has seen bernardo Silva, Foden and others play well in the centre-forward position, a good striker is still vital in important matches such as the knockout stages of the Champions League.Therefore, the team has not given up the search for a top-class centre forward.According to the Manchester Evening News, City’s top target has turned to Harland following Kane’s poor form this season.The striker has netted 28 times in all competitions this season and earned 150 million euros.City are even understood to have reached a private agreement with Harland.They are expected to pay harland a penalty at the end of the season to sign him.For City, if they can successfully sign Harland, it will be the team’s weak position into one of the strongest points.On the wing, however, Gralish’s performances this season seem to have proved that city’s move is likely to be a flop.Add to that the uncertainty surrounding Sterling’s future and city seem intent on continuing their search for some good enough wingers.Arsenal star Alessandro Saca is on the radar of pep Guardiola and Manchester City, according to ESPN.It is understood that if Arsenal do not finish in the top four at the end of the season, nazarca may seek to leave the club for a team capable of playing in the Champions League.City will then attempt to sign the top winger, who is valued at 65 million euros.(Pictures from the network, if any infringement, please contact to delete)