In weak markets, it is better to think more contrarily

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Abstract: Beware of reversing the three major indexes early differentiation, Shenzhen Component index and gem index fell more than 1%, under the support of real estate banks, the Shanghai Composite index fell slightly.In terms of plates, real estate development, Traditional Chinese medicine, high delivery and transfer, pharmaceutical business and other plates rose the most, while Salt Lake Lithium, HJT battery, large fund holding, small metals and other plates fell the most.The recent twin themes are real estate and pharmaceuticals.They have been the strongest sector in recent times, taking turns rising.Among them, the pharmaceutical sector is mainly influenced by the repeated stimulation of the epidemic, and we can pay attention to the branch with small increase of pharmaceutical intermediates and apis.Real estate plate index in a pile of rebounding monster stock stimulus has been pulled out of new highs, yesterday also radiation the real estate industry chain, today further radiation to the banking plate.The majority that rises recently is the real estate stock that has a bit of state endowment background, in hype respect, on the one hand ceaselessly hit the limit height of the head, on the other hand ceaselessly pull new low stock in rotation, this is typical hot capital technique.It can be said that this weak market hot hot money group hype even board demon stock practice with 2016 quite like.For real estate can rise, can not chase the problem, Mulan sister suggested that we focus on the change from ups and downs – often have cost-effective.That is, into what, how into, into how much profit and to bear what degree of nature of the loss, when want to understand, you have their own answer.In terms of northbound funds, after the flow of 10 billion yesterday, today’s Shanghai stock connect morning net inflow of 1.446 billion, shenzhen stock connect morning net outflow of 764 million, in line with the current situation of Shanghai strong and shenzhen weak.So what about the follow-on market?It is suggested that we first look at the trend, the Current Shanghai Composite index stood on the 20-day line, other indexes are also suppressed, indicating that the market is still structured.Today is crucial, if the index can add another positive line to the euphoria, then the 3023 low will be even more effective, and this range was still valid in April.If the end of the pullback, we have to watch out for the Shanghai Index to reverse, giving us the possibility of a repeat of late August 2011.Like our content, welcome you to like, “watching” and forward support.– — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — build system, perfecting the system of investment, is to survive in the market of retail investors, the only way to profit.Disclaimer: This information is for reference only and should not be used as the sole reference for investment decisions.The market has the risk, the investment must be cautious!Any unauthorized use of excerpting, copying and mirroring is prohibited.Please indicate the author and source of reprint.