Took a selfie with K50 e-sports version for comments, OLED comprehensively occupy the high-end market

2022-07-12 0 By

It is reported that K50 e-sports version after SONY IMX686, 64 million pixel flagship camera;SONY IMX596, 20 megapixel beauty selfie camera.The front-facing IMX596 has 20 megapixels and supports powerful AI features.According to known sources, the key selling points of Redmi K50 include Snapdragon 8, dual VC, 120W Shenshensec Charging, CyberEngine ultra broadband motor, etc.The front of the new phone will be equipped with a 6.67-inch flexible screen, supplied by Huaxin Optoelectronics (the same supplier as the Mi 12). It will have the same side fingerprint as the previous model, better control of the chin border, and the side physical maglev type of game shoulder button will also be retained.According to lu Weibing previously said, this conference first released K50 e-sports version.Standard edition, Breguet edition is still in grinding, will appear later.K50 e-sports edition is positioned as “flagship of the PEAK performance of THE K series”, equivalent to the peak performance of the K50 series.It is not strictly e-sports mobile phone, but “all-round flagship + e-sports expertise”, a simple metaphor is: both outstanding students, but also to participate in the Olympic Games.If you’re not a heavy user, it’s still worth paying attention to and playing.”Spare no effort, full line.I want to show you that this year s K50 universe will be even more exciting.Lu Weibing said.It is worth mentioning that today, a netizen left a message saying that LCD screen is very needed, and OLED screen is too expensive for my eyes, I feel myopic after using it for several months.The current high-end flagship is all OLED screen, the upcoming Redmi K50 esports version is also OLED screen, LCD flagship has no existence today.However, the Redmi K50 esports screen is an eye protector, and it has been certified by DisplayMate A+ for 15 records, making it the best screen in the Redmi K series.In addition, Redmi K50 e-sports edition screen is equipped with primary color screen professional color alignment technology, which is adjusted step by step to achieve accurate color like professional display.More importantly, it supports the new generation of 1920Hz PWM high frequency dimming, compared with the conventional 480Hz, dimming frequency increased by 3 times, not only can retain the color accuracy under dark light, but also can solve the problem of “low brightness stroboscopic” eye injury.