The beginning of Spring is beautiful. These ten poems about the beginning of spring, which show the great wisdom of the ancients, were forwarded

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The beginning of spring, wanfu began to recover, indicating that the new cycle has begun.As the first of the twenty solar terms, Start of Spring has special significance in ancient times and even in modern times.The sentimental ancients, just like the industrious farmers, had a special liking for the beginning of Spring. They wrote about the revival of nature and expressed their emotions. Today, let’s enjoy ten poems about the beginning of Spring, and feel that the revival of everything slowly walks into our side.It is said that there is such a legend in ancient times, when the start of Spring is coming, the county officials will take people to dig a pit in the ground, and then put feathers and light objects into the pit. At a certain moment, the feathers in the pit will float to heaven, and this moment is the start of spring.This legend may seem ridiculous, but it shows the importance and importance of the Start of Spring solar term in Chinese civilization.China’s farming culture is one of the earliest and most influential cultures in the world.Solar term start of Spring, for China’s farming culture is very important, there is not such a saying: Start of spring day, 100 grass back sprout.Start of Spring marks the beginning of warmer weather and the emergence of new buds.Therefore, from the beginning of Spring, farmers have to prepare for the year’s farming.The operation of the human body is very similar to the cycle of nature. The beginning of Spring indicates the revival of all things, and the human body should also start at the beginning of spring to protect itself and lay a foundation for health in the New Year.There is a saying: Start of spring rain, get up early and go to bed late.This is to tell people to go to bed early, do not sleep in, do more outdoor activities, let the spirit adapt to nature, keep full of mental and physical energy, and improve work efficiency.Ancient people liked to take The beginning of Spring as a medium to express their emotions. Many poets wrote idyllic poems to interpret the original appearance of nature with a sense of layers and fresh colors at the beginning of spring, with clear movement, natural and fresh, harmonious and beautiful. There were paintings in the poems, and ancient people depicted a beautiful landscape picture for readers with great wisdom.In addition, the poet used the beginning of Spring to express his homesickness, remembering the beautiful scenery of his hometown, reflecting his love for his hometown and deep thought.In the hands of the ancients, the scenery of the beginning of Spring is beautiful. They depict the dynamic landscape of nature with delicate brushwork. At the same time, they consign their lofty aspirations and express their ambitions like farmers.It is worth mentioning that the poet likes to use “swan goose” as an image to show his great pursuit, and because he lives a wandering life all the year round, he is full of feelings of missing friends and relatives.Also, poets will write poems that touch people’s hearts according to their own situation during the start of Spring solar term.They describe the poor life of the farmers, but also praise the hard-working side of the farmers, coupled with the mountains and rivers, just more than ten words, so that the poem is full of broad feelings, but also reflect the infinite charm of nature.Of course, some poets have been demoted, writing about their tragic experiences during the start of Spring solar term will also have a slight sense of sadness.Of course, more poets praise the start of Spring, because this solar term is the beginning of prosperity, is the initial meaning of prosperity.They use the positive energy of the text, with the original meaning of spring, combined with their own pursuit, a lot of good products are worth future generations of fine products.Today is the start of Spring in 2022, the beginning of the four seasons.Let’s enjoy ten poems and articles about the start of Spring, experience the poet’s feelings behind the words, and taste the ancient people’s delicate words, experience the various feelings and artistic conception of the start of Spring solar term to human beings, I believe you will like it.The beginning of spring ningzhou travel camp due to fu schaofeng blowing snow [Tang] Li Yi edge sound day and night, the schaofeng surprised back.Longshan is not expected, a thousand miles of a pei back.Donate fan broken who hold, su wan light to cut.Envy of the peach and plum, it is wuyang platform.Reward Liu Gu spring day officials hidden pavilion see send [Tang] Li Ying Gu Ting remote belt temple, quiet alone.Chuji river flow slowly, spring to ze gas Yin.Wild field green horse, you warm bamboo singing birds.Every day, how can the heart of the motherland.The beginning of spring as [Tang] Wei Zhuang Jiuzhaontian son to dust, royal willow ruthless still spring.Today is not concubine concubine business, only know to disappoint mawei.Fenghe Li Spring tour Yuan Yingchun [Tang] 沈佺期 Eastern suburbs temporarily turn spring battle, the beginning of the flight to Celebrate the cup yuan.The wind shot dumpling ice fragments, gas blunt fish key nine open.Seek grass in the forest to be born loh, temple flowers and is mei.Song blowing bit grace way late, habitat black half fengcheng to.The beginning of spring on the morning of snow [Tang] Zhang Jiuling suddenly on Lin Ting snow, Yao Hua everywhere.The beginning of this year, last night with spring back.Yu Run the window bamboo, flowers fan mei.East suburb zhai sacrifice, should see five gods to come.The beginning of spring [Song] Wen Tianxiang infinite setting sun motherland sorrow, the schaofeng immediately you state.The world turned upside down sansheng Robbery, late jiangkongwanli prisoners.Martyrs lose yuan end not hesitate, to answer what worries.Should only be forty-three years dead, two gratuitous see cattle.Second verse qianli spring three quatrains [Song] Huang Tingjian hope ou Mei today, has sent huangzhou first more back.Huainan fengyue, New Year peach and plum for who.The beginning of spring [Song] Lu You Shaoxi saw four spring, Spring plate festival new things.Drinking three cups of sorrow alone makes one old.Chrysanthemum bud braves soil such as fight, willow shake village has gradually uniform.The body is lanting mountain guest, not less good at Halal.Li Dongyang warm incense and dew around Penglai, color battle to welcome chunxiao dian open.Old ladle in accordance with the age of the north bucket, the southern suburbs across the city.The clouds were on the chariot, the dragons were on the chariot, and the fairy altars were on the chariot.Not like han was five zhi, gan Quan who envied the school just.Like snow on the first day of spring [Ming] gao Qi a winter just saw Rui, three white and frequency.Not too late to send wax, only pre-accounted for spring flow.By laying bricks or stones still residual frozen, makeup garden has fang Chen.Leave more Ming fall, Mei open to dou new.