Weihai City Huancui District: “core” measures woven firmly Tomb-sweeping fire nets go all out to protect the green mountains

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Qilu network · Lightning news On April 3, spring dry weather, temperature rise, and value of the memory of the deceased, the important season of mourning, huancui district multiple measures, in the community, key forest areas to carry out forest fire publicity, strengthen the inspection and hidden trouble investigation, effectively protect the area of green mountains.24 hours on duty without slacking off winter has gone, spring warm earth, is a year tomb-sweeping festival.In order to do a good job of forest fire prevention work during the Qingming Festival, all towns and streets strictly implement the 24-hour duty and leadership shift system, strengthen emergency guard, risk investigation and forest patrol, strengthen monitoring and early warning.At the same time, the strict implementation of the “fire must be reported, reported synchronous attack” regulations, to ensure that communication equipment smooth, to ensure that the occurrence of fire promptly handled.In takeshima streets, forest station staff and forest firefighters patrol the mountains all day to protect the forest, key areas, into the mountain pass and other key positions to ensure that once the fire can quickly attack, to achieve the “early, small, fight”.At the same time, they stationed in front of the dynamic patrol, advance and extend the patrol time, do a good job of fire debugging and material preparation, to ensure that when dealing with the fire, pull out, play, put out.The forest fire brigade of Yangting Town inspected the mountain haze of 34,000 mu of town area all day and randomly checked the fire prevention card points of each village to ensure that the personnel on duty were on duty.In view of key forest regions, wenquan town has established an intelligent monitoring network, and adopted measures such as monitoring photos, sound warnings, and legal publicity to enhance the public’s awareness of forest fire prevention and effectively build a solid forest firewall.Town forest fire brigade captain, forestry station chief Zhang Guochen said: “near the Qingming festival, we in personnel, publicity, facilities and management force, adhere to the combination of civil air defense, technical defense, hanging banners, patrol, guard card point, multi-angle monitoring, to ensure that the forest fire prevention work does not go wrong.”Clean up combustible prevention forest fire prevention, not only to strictly defend, but also to take the initiative to nip in the bud.The main danger of forest fires is combustibles such as thick weeds and dead wood.The towns and streets not only organize the village residents to clean up the combustibles under the forest area in time, but also arrange special personnel to patrol and clean up the fire channel to ensure the safety of the forest area.”We cleaned up a total of 5,800 mu of forest combustibles under the jurisdiction, carried out maintenance and inspection of all fire prevention equipment, strengthened emergency guard, and strictly implemented the 24-hour duty system.At the same time, we will strengthen publicity by hanging banners and strictly implement the regulations of ‘reporting fire must be reported, reporting and fighting synchronously’.”Xia Chengquan, deputy chief of Sunjiatuan Street forest fire brigade, said the street also uses a video surveillance system to monitor the situation of the forest area 24 hours, 360 degrees without blind Angle.Be able to respond quickly in case of fire.Extensive publicity and thorough publicity guidance is the top priority of forest fire prevention work.To avoid people cluster together, cherish the hard-won epidemic situation, the evaluated integratedly “online and offline” two-pronged approach, to guide residents not to into the grave, adopt the network sent condolences to mourn their loved ones, with civilization honor, common war “epidemic” of action, through a civilization, environmental protection, health, and safety of tomb-sweeping day.Yangting town, takeshima street village residents not only through the emergency trumpet propaganda civilization sacrifice, and organize volunteers into the household issued “civilization sacrifice proposal.””In consideration of the epidemic prevention and control work, this year, the town will distribute flowers to all village residents, who will be swept by village staff.Meanwhile, we hope residents can stay at home and abide by relevant regulations.”Yangting town related person in charge said.Sunjiatuan street set warning signs and hung propaganda banners in key areas such as huanhai Road and its side roads and entrances to the mountain, advocating civilization worship new wind.Zhang Cun village residents, communities using banners and propaganda speakers and other ways to carry out forest fire warning, to ensure that where people go, forest fire knowledge is “sent” to where.”Each card point must be someone on the post, easy to find hidden trouble, the first time summary report.We are always tight on the string of forest fire safety, in the fire passageway every ten meters on the red flag on the forest fire slogans, always remind personnel to ban smoking, fire.”Zhang cun forest fire brigade captain Cong Qun said.Sweep in the heart is not in shape, like qingming.It is our common responsibility to protect forest resources and create a safe and harmonious living environment.Let us join hands to be the practitioner of safe worship, the disseminator of civilized worship, the leader of green worship, and constantly improve the level of social civilization, so that the Qingming festival is more “qingming”.