In women’s figure skating, the Russian and Austrian team swept the top two, and “K Bao” made mistakes frequently under heavy pressure and only ranked fourth

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Lin Chuhan, winter Olympics special correspondent from Beijing, asked if there is one sport that is highly anticipated at the Winter Olympics, and the women’s single figure skating competition will definitely rank among the top three.Women’s figure skating singles free skate at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 17.And the most let a person look forward to is “three Russian doll” “K” wali “and” daughter “cher backus Eva and” salsa “she compete, this game is the fairy fight, so leave two or three hours before the game, the media seats has been full of foreign media to vancouver, the audience is filled with audience,Everyone wants to see the peak of figure skating.Russian and Austrian figure skater Anna Serbakova won the gold medal of women’s single figure skating after winning the first place in free skating and the short program on Monday night.Teammate Alexandra “Sasha” Trutsova finished second and Japan’s Haneda Sakamoto was third.Favorite Camila Valieva made too many mistakes to finish fourth.Anna Serbakova, who was second to last in her purple Kosten outfit, was cheered by an expectant crowd.Sherbakova, who is the most popular of the “three dolls” in terms of appearance and popularity, was affectionately called “daughter” by her fans. She turned into a “black Swan” in the previous short program, and scored 80.20 points with a smooth performance, second only to teammate Valieva’s 82.16 points, ranking second.In the free skating competition tonight, she danced to Mozart’s requiem on the ice. The whole set of movements was holy and elegant, free and unfurling, a perfect set of flowing movements, which made people surprised and impressed, and her appeal also made everyone quickly enter the world of figure skating she brought.She scored 80.20 points in the short program, and the green light all the way showed the judges’ absolute affirmation of her personal ability.Finally, with the points in the short program, she won the women’s single figure skating title.Born in 2004, Serbakova is currently 17 years old and ranked number one in the World by the International Skating Union.During her visit to Beijing, Serbakova attracted a lot of attention, and she was very willing to share her news through social media. She even interacted with Chinese figure skater Jin Boyang many times, and posted the hat sent by Jin Boyang and replied to her, which made her Chinese fans more favorable to her.On the spot, the extreme news reporter also learned a small anecdote.As is known to all, figure skating skates is need of athletes, athletes in over a period of time, but a few days before the Olympics, “little daughter” skates is broken, this makes her have to use their prepared new shoes, but fortunately, stable cher backus Eva with her on the night of the play have captured in someone’s heart.While waiting for the score after the perfect interpretation, she also smiled and said hello to everyone.When Trutsova showed up dressed in a black kosten, it was impossible for extreme journalists to take their eyes off her.With her red hair and a wild tension, Trusova has been described as “princess Elsa”, “fairy on the ice” and “Sasa”.That night, Trusova performed the soundtrack of “The Black and White Witch Cruella” and performed five quadruple jumps, including four different quadruple jumps in which the rabbit hides the heart of a cheetah. One by one, her brilliant jumps won cheers from the audience.Only Chen Wei of the United States, who won gold in men’s singles in Beijing, has managed five quadruple jumps, a feat the world’s top men’s singles players have dared to perform. But Trusova did it!She was also the first woman in history to complete two quadruple jumps in an official competition. “The boys can do it, the girls can do it, and I’m going to do it first,” Trutsova once said.In addition, in the free skating competition, Trusova again showed her unique skills.She bent back easily and quickly, her whole back almost parallel to the ice, her head hanging gracefully back, almost touching the ice in a graceful half arc.She kept her balance on her legs as she slid across the ice as she flew backward.Despite some flaws, she found her groove and finished second in women’s figure skating with 251.73 points added to her short program.Karolina Valieva, who had been considered the favorite to win gold, missed out on a medal by finishing fourth after a series of mistakes.After the match, she buried her face in tears, unable to hide her sadness.While sitting in the section, she was wearing a mask, but her tears revealed her sadness.Valieva’s doping scandal after the team competition was still up in the air, and there will be no medal ceremony if she wins.This year, only 15 years old Valieva in this season in grand Prix and European Championships has a total of 9 times to new short program, free skating total world record, and Valieva is also known as the “hexagonal warrior”, she has a shocking technical and artistic expression, there is no short board.Her amazing ability to jump and perform extremely complex movements.In the evening, she was undoubtedly the biggest highlight. Although she made some mistakes in the short program on The 15th, she quickly made up for them through her strong technique. After that, she performed perfectly and got the highest technical score of the whole audience, ranking the first place in the short program.In the team figure skating event of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Valieva ranked first in the women’s single short program with 90.18 points. The program content scored 38.51 points and the technical action scored 51.67 points, which is the first time that the women’s single short program of the Olympic Games broke the 90-point mark.She also helped the Russian Olympic team win the gold medal.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.